Plain and Simple


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Plain and Simple

I hear my peers complain because my poetry is simple and plain.

I’ve even heard them say that what I write would never see fame.

You know none of that bothers me, not in the lease bit.

People buy what I put in the bookstore, every bit of it.

I don’t write with sophistication only simple equation.

Fellow writers write with the style of a good education

I get my vocabulary from dark allies of the boweries

And the shadows of the streets and lonesome galleries

I don’t write to please the masters of poetic persuasion.

My writings are on the bathroom walls at the train station.

My poetry comes from toil, sweat, beauty and devotions.

I write to escape logic, and express my true emotions

If you like what I write it will most certainly please me.

If you think what I write is beneath you don’t appease me

Most of all I write just because I love to write

And please all of my readers with all my might. 




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tierra7 commented on Plain and Simple


Hi BDC, this is brilliant....i agree w/ writin' is different as well, alot of my writes were birthed when i sealed my eyes and allowed my pen to write from the tears& breath that flow from my heart..i have to feel the energy that surrounds me..this is a well written humble poem...Namaste..Terra @}-'-,- (10+ ) Merry Christmas !

lunamarie commented on Plain and Simple


Dear Mr. Cash, ... I don't like it ...... I love it ...... Luna

Artie commented on Plain and Simple


Amen brother - I agree completely. I like your style - 10 from me

ripster100 commented on Plain and Simple


Beautiful poem of truth, how can we be truly free if we cant show our imperfections, I agree with you sir, too many rules and form, pushes us into the realm of followers not dreamers(poetry writers)...

nhorlandi commented on Plain and Simple


I agree with you, buddy. Me too writes simple poetry. We've got to be honest to ourselves, yeah plain and simple. That's you and me. Give me high 5 man?

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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