Please let me be free


Please let me be free

I can't take it no more
I want to run away
And be free
I'm stuck here in chains

Wheres the key?
Please, I just want to be free
He won't let me be
Why can't he just see?

I'm here against my will
I try so hard
This wasn't part of the deal
Please let me be free

If you love me you'll let me go
The look in your eyes
Tells me you hate me
Please let me be free

I'm your daughter
And I can't take it no more
Your smothering me
I just ever so bad need to be set free

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Tempestlady commented on Please let me be free


Go to a college and apply, talk to a recruiter - your for sure get by. Air Force was good to me, there is a whole world out there you'll see. Look to the future, forget about the past. the world is your oyster, just ask. Very real pain here, but nice form and symmetry. Good use of expressive words. Would like more touch, smell, color, adjectives, but good, really good.

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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