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Artist/ Poet Story: Sylvia Pekarek

I first realized that creating Art was embedded in the depths of my soul was when I was in the first grade, because I would arrive early to class just to fill the chalk board with my Art. I felt this was my way of observing the world and expressing my thoughts. I found Art to be my answer... Later on I attended San Francisco Academy of Art University, I studied and majored in Graphic Design, along with fine art classes.

My career in the Arts included teaching painting, drawing, 3d art, ceramics, and various arts and crafts classes. I was featured in the San Mateo paper as one of the lead teachers in the City Art program. One of the most rewarding moments in my life is seeing my students arrive early to class, (as I once did) with the sheer excitement and joy to work on "their Art." I can remember when I was seven, attending a ceramic class and loving the whole idea of being part of a creative class.

I believe the greatest visionaries show strength through their creative imagination process, this alone is so powerful. My personal view is that Art is the truest and purest form of communication. This process sets forth a clear translation of the "observation of the world."

I aspire my Art work to be spontaneous, momentous & dynamic, infused with the passion I have for life. I like to use mix media to bring forth the complexity of life's profound moments. I believe this helps bring depth into my work. At times I may start a painting, or sketch and then capture it into my computer to enhance it digitally. I am part of the "digital generation," it swims in my veins... I am like the pianist who uses the piano, to create music. I play the computer like an instrument and let the creativity flow as I work. I also love feeling the brush in my hand, stroking the canvas with pigments, I will never abandon that process completely. The computer allows my flurry thoughts to bring forth directness of intent, much more rapidly, capturing the moment.
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Sounds like you have a lot to contribute and share. I would be honored if you would read some of my writings and give me your thoughts.

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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