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Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause:
Donating Poetic Verse Into Interactive Poems & Short Stories.
For A Book To Benefit The Homeless.
All Posts are subject to be kept, edited,
and deleted, by Papa, and me, Alexia,
Madelynn, and WordSlinger.
Your name will be added, and your add-ins
will be your copyright in the book.
All of the proceeds from the book will go to food banks,
and programs devoted to helping the hungry and homeless.
We have starter poems & stories, but you are welcome to donate one yourself.
We are getting registered for a non-profit organization
in the state of Illinois for a start, and then branch out soon.
More info will be posted soon, any questions please pm me, Alexia Osborn

Here is a success story video to watch.

Please read Great Poems posted by the Poets of Blood

Please Read and Comment on WordSlingers' De Nocturno

These donated Poems and Stories belong to all of the contributors.
The titles and spine theme belong to the originator of the thread.
Your add-ins belong to you, you will get credited for the add-in.
Your name will be added no matter if you make the final edit or not.
You may use your add-in on your page as a poem,
but can not add it to the site contest.
The contest is a commercial contest.
The idea is to work together-as a family, create masterpieces that will be published,-as Joined Authors- not independant ones!-If this went into the contest and was would compromise publishing rights.

Poets of Blood Discalmer:

All of the material on the OP for Poets of Blood is horror. It is intended to scare the blood out of you, and at current events, world culture, and the human condition.

All figures used in Poets of Blood Poems and Stories are portrayed for horror purposes only. All other characters are fictional. Any use of real names is coincidental and purely unintentional. Any similarities to actual persons is also pure coincidence, and not our intent. We cannot emphasize enough how coincidental our fictional entities are to any real life individual, entity, or character.

All other stories are presented in P O B for their horror value and are not true. If one of the stories happens to become fact, it should be considered a lucky guess, and not as a result of any inside information. It's really all just made up. If our story happens to parallel any other parodied or satired story, that too should be considered coincidence. There are seven billion of us on the planet. Just keep in mind that Canadians did not reshingle the Egyptian pyramids, and we do not have the secret to telekinesis.

The material in The Poets of Blood is intended for adults, or those of adult age with maturity issues. It is not meant for those under 18 years of age. So please don't sue us because you let your kid read our website.

All of The Poets of Blood content is Copyright 2010-2011 by The Poets of Blood. You may not copy, reprint, or retransmit any of our images or text in whole or in part, without our expressed written permission.

Alexia, and the Poets of Blood

The P O B respects your privacy. Any and/or all of the information collected by our site will be kept strictly confidential, and it will not be sold, rented, loaned, pawned, or otherwise disclosed. Any information you give to The Poets of Blood will not be used in any way that you have not consented to.



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lmao hello!!!! stopped in for a quickie and now i gotta roll, hit me back boo! lmfao

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I would love to add my blood to help those in need. I need a little help on where and how. Thanks.



Embraced, this is wonderful to know, please submit Dark Poetry Horror Poetry here[ Shall you decide to donate a poem for Volume 2 thank you Poets of Blood

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I think this is a great cause and I am willing to offer any service I can in the name of poetry. I have tried writing "horror" or "gothic" themes; however, I will adore write for such a noble cause. I praise all the members of this family and I hope to help achieve that common goal. Helios



Well our little Hero, what are you going to be for Holloween this year?

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I started Blanket Rescue about a year ago,-and my passion and objective is; if even one human being finds any degree of comfort through these efforts..then these efforts have not been in vein. I hope that through Bleed For A Cause, not only do the readers that enjoy horror, be completely blown away-and entertained..but also, that the cause raises awareness to those who struggle, suffer, and sometimes die~each day. I am a believer that ONE person, can, and will make a diffrence in the path of someones life, with mercy, and campassion put forth. So, that said, with the entire family of POB working together, we can massacre this tragic misfortune, and make a diffrence from the blood of our ink! I thank you my blood sisters and brothers, and to all who support our efforts!



A Servent Heart has Spoken!!!!!!!

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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