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just wants to write!

  • Age: 42
  • Location: La Porte, TX
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I am going on 29. Went to school in League City,Texas. Started writing when I was 5. Started doing poetry then short stories in middle school. I still live in Texas but have traveled alot in my life. Met alot of people who have become my family and experienced too much. What ever comes into my head waking and sleeping gets put on paper. Hope you enjoy it! I am currently publishing a book it should be out within the next 6mo to yr. I cant wait! This has been my life long dream and its finally coming true!


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PoetsofBlood profile comment


Thank you for all that you do Poets of Blood Bleed for a Cause Volume 1

BringMeBullets profile comment


Hello there. :)

PoetsofBlood profile comment


You, my Dear, are my Princess of the Poets of Blood, I love your work hun, Alexia...

BigDaddyCash profile comment


Welcome to my circle of friends. This is my invitation; You're welcome at my domain whenever you please. So come and visit and relax and be at your ease. You can get up when you're ready and go when you wish. I'll gladly share what I have with you whatever the dish. There is a saying “A leaks in the roof but the soup in the pot." Since you're my friend you are welcome to share all that I've got I'll tell you my poems and short stories and you can laugh at my jokes. Take your shoes off and make yourself cozy you’re my kind of folks.



Sounds like my kind of place but a question first... are there any dark corners that i can hide in? u know for those times when i just can't stand the light which is It is my honor and pleasure to include u in my circle of friends.

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'Siyo, lgido nita tsalagi! I find our people beginning to become nomadic, I am happy to cross your path, Anigatogewi... you?

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

CherokeePrinces’s Poems (41)

Title Comments
Title Comments
To All Those... 0
Secret Smile 2
Wondering, Hoping... 1
Shadowed Maze 0
The End 2
The River Way 4
Stalking Grace 3
Good vs Evil (revised) 2
Lost in the Nothingness 1
Knife 1
Shadow Dancer 5
What Do You See... 5
The Joys of Being a Ball 2
God isn't a Hitman 2
Nazi Prisoner 1
Lieutenant Kaiser 0
Scratches 1
God’s View 1
Flash 0
Grandfather Wolf 4
Tears of Sand 1
Falling 1
Treasure 0
Eyes Opened 2
Soldier Of My Heart 1
Come Away... 0
Lightning 0
Free 0
Good vs. Evil 1
… Beyond The moon… 2
Messed Up 2
Serenity 1
One shot 2
I’m Lost 0
Streets A Flame 3
Broken Leash 1
Jail 2
Soldiers In A Row 3
Choices 2
Are You Listening? 3
The Weeping Willow 5