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  • Age: 40
  • Location: Indianapolis/ Henderson T, In
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: US
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MY name is Brett, I live in Henderson, Tx and I'm a huge colts fan. I am a Christian and live for God. I also have a twin bro who is under the name winterkou. This was set up as a joint acct. I have a wife and 2 y.o. daughter and work at Lowe's.


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this sight is dull without you in it. they finally put it back up. working on printing my poems out so i dont lose em again. i guess i been on a pissed off rampage since all my writings got stolen.. how are ya man??

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havent heard from ya in awhile, how haveya been?

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I added a few new poems, come check 'em out if y'all want ta.. God Bless and Take Care!

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I'm glad to see your back with the words that i lack.. haha.. I will come back and read more soon as soon as i can. I am so fed up and tired. I picked up a bus in Goshen and drove it to etters Pa and then drove all the way home back to michigan without a spec of sleep and then i had to be in court at 8am and still nothing is accomplished and I'm just pissed.. but to tired to bitch or anything for that matter i just hope I don't run out of gas on the way home, wish I JUST TOOK MY BIKE.. Anyways, talk to ya soon! God Bless

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I Love you bro, I got soem new poems up, check out Scarlet Blasphemy.

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

Coltsfan777’s Poems (73)

Title Comments
Title Comments
A State of Emergency 0
Wicked Eyes and Twisted Lies 0
26 Letters 1
Living in the Light 0
Living in the Dark 1
Love is my Everything 0
Why Jesus is Better than Santa? 1
The Old Becomes New 0
The Potter's Hand 2
The Man I Need to Be 1
What You Need to Know 1
The Power Within 1
Splash into my Soul 2
Flood of Love(Part II) 2
No Fear 2
A Closer Walk With Thee 2
Overflow 3
The Perfect Stranger 2
So Many Have Nothing, When Others Have Everything 1
Decision Maker 3
So Far Gone, But Not Forgotten 2
World Wide 2
Laid Down Before the Altar 4
Daydreamers 2
An Unfortunate Occurrence for the Dead 3
t Murders Faith
The Real Me 2
Your Eyes Will Find Their Way To Love 1
It’s All In One Truth 1
Why do we Believe What we Do? 1
Loneliness Blooms Out of A Fragile Heart 1
Victory Rests in the Word of God 1
Take Me, Break me, and Make Me What You Wish 1
Truth Seeker 1
Find Me Here 1
Were Blessed 2
Hell Storm to Spiritual Form 1
Were Not Worthless 1
With Eyes Of The World, We Walk Like Puppets 2
Facing Giants 2
Life is like a Candle Slowly Fading Out 2
Are we Tuning in Or Tuning Out? 2
Shake, Break, and Rock the Devil 3
Words Are Not Enough 1
My Redemption 3
Hear My Cry 2
Let the Wind Carry You Home 2
A Perfect Picture 2
I Can’t Live A Day Without You By My Side 2
Grace Beyond Understanding 1
This is What I Believe 2
An Instrument of Adoration 2
Roots to Grow and Wings to Fly 2
My Searchlight to Safety 1
Finding Simplicity 1
I See Life For the First Time 1
Screen Your Eyes 1
Turning Inside Out 1
Unbreakable 1
Uncontainable Heart 1
City of Light 1
Genetic Mutation 1
Child of God 1
So Lost Without the Cross 1
City of Darkness 1
Without You, Loneliness Waits to Kill Me 1
I am … 1
The Children are Watching Us 1
Is This Life But A Dream 2
In A World of Sin 3
In the Days of Old 2
Welcome To Heaven 4
Evangelistic Apocaplyse 4