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I have been married for almost 13 years now. We have two children. My husband has been a Correctional Peace Officer for the State of Texas for 12 years. He contracted TB/Potts disease from an inmate at work. He started showing symptoms two months after my Dad suddenly passed away. It was a long battle and continues daily, but he is now back on track. I feel blessed by the experience because it opened my eyes spiritually.
After leaving my chosen career because of health issues(Fibromyalgia), I started serving as chairperson for the BISD Student Health Advisory Council. I'm currently working on the Breckenridge Skatepark Project and am involved in the "Backpacks for Kids" food program. I serve on the Campus Improvement Committee for South Elementary & any other committee that needs help. We foster puppies for the Humane Society and we love it! I work with my pomeranian, Olivia to teach children the "Stop,Drop, & Roll" technique. She is the county 4 yr reigning champion trick dog. As parents, we are both very involved in all the children's sports and activities. We coach football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. I am coordinating the Little Bucks Cheerleading program and Cheer Coach for my daughters squad & All-Star Cheer. I am heading up the Little Diggers Volleyball Program as well as coaching. Fun!!
I have learned as long as I set my own schedule and a lot of prayer...I can accomplish many things and still remain as healthy as possible.
Currently, the "Justice For Mike" project is my biggest cause. I hope to see a safer way of doing things to protect both citizens and police officers. I am often misunderstood because people want to make you choose sides. I support my whole community. Surely if we all look at things honestly, we can all come to an understanding and live together in peace and harmony.
I know my dreams are of utopia, but why not? I just see people as my neighbors and loved ones. I don't see color, race, religion, social level, economic status, addictions, sexual preference, ect...Every one is on the same spiritual quest. Every one is equal in my book and has the same rights. My hope is to leave my hometown better than I found it. Just think how much we can accomplish if we are willing to listen to each other and come to solutions that benefit every one or at least hurt no one. Think how much more willing everyone would be to help to build a better community if we all see that every one plays an important role no matter who they are.
I have lost many loved ones and appreciate the ones that remain on this side. I am passionate about everything I do, if not, it's just a waist of precious time.


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oh omg your dog is soooooooooo cute i just wanna take her home with me. :0) oh your so lucky to foster homeless puppies for the humane society. too be surrounded by all those cute lil babies. heheh. i dont know what is but for some reason me and my family are always finding lil puppies on the street. we taken in and try to find them home instead of sending them to the shelter. we found to sets of lil black puppies, a stay dog had her puppies in our yard, someone left a puppy inside a bucket in the middle of the street right outside our house, and we a cute lil chihuahua oh and one cat. hahaha so i guess in the i kinda do what yo do to hahah. :0). 90



That is how I started, but then I joined hands with the Humane Society. It is very rewarding and really brings to light the issues with our animal population. Thank you for taking care of those abandoned and helpless. You will surely find reward in life and well after.

ayyan profile comment


You are blessed by god and you are having a good family. You are a good poet. You love pet dog that look very nice. -a'yan

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thank for your support i reallY appreciate ...the complimets You have given me and hope for the best for you and your Creativity..It means alott to me that older people actuall think my poetry is good thanks...(=

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Hi Corinna, I wanted to thank you for your Commet.(From a while ago. sorry I took so long. I'm still learning.) Just wanted you to know I'm a fan of your poems. TS

EyemMatt profile comment


thanks. You have some really good writings. Keep up the good work, and keep smiling.

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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