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  • Location: Lake City, Fl
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My name is Ethan and my middle name is Edward if you put them together you have EthanEdward. I started writing poetry as a outlit to the pain I was feeling with the break up of my ex girlfriend and what was going on in my life since the summer of 2008. My poetry is dark and depressing but its what I feel and it's what I love to do. I hope you will take the time to read and comment them knowing that I will return the favor. Thats being the case, Peace.


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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

EthanEdward’s Poems (53)

Title Comments
Title Comments
Time is? 0
Another night 1
What is love? 1
Your the only thing that matters to me 1
F**k it and f**k you 2
You 2
Should I leave? Or should I bleed? 2
I'm still here for you 2
Forever and always 1
Just Another Day 0
Its just better of this way 2
Same mistake 1
Death is a coward 1
This is it 1
Just like you did to me 1
Another night at the bar 0
I control my bow 1
I dont belive in love anymore 2
Who I'm I? 1
A Note That Said I Lost All Hope 2
Note On A Mirror 1
I thought friends never end? 0
Whats the point of it anymore? 0
Let you pass me by 0
A Little To Late 0
Truth Behind Lies 0
Your Touch 0
Little Pet 0
My Scar 1
I was never was a fan 0
I dont love you anymore 1
Highway Walk 0
Love Is A Game 0
Never Mine 0
Me & You 0
I Wonder 0
No Longer 0
Its Time I Said Goodbye 0
A Poem To A Girl 0
A Guy With Pen & Paper 0
One night stand 1
For The Best 0
A Key To My Heart 0
Should Of Known 0
Stop Thinking 1
If I could Go Back In Time 0
Yes this time it is your fault 0
Hell Was All That You Bring 0
Words I Hiss 0
Because I Care 0
Nightmare 0
I loved you 0
Theres no point in being in love with a hoe 0