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Tanya, welcome! I hope you enjoy reading my work.

  • Age: 65
  • Location: Chattanooga, TN
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Life is a holiday and I am on vacation. My passion being a Philanthropist creates many opportunities for me soar like an Eagle, and explore the nation. People are basically the same wherever you go and once you understand and accept this fact there is not much else you need to know. I keep a big smile on my face to show I am happy to be a member of the human race. I love my children and they are the pride of my life. Someday for them a legacy I shall leave behind that will be nice. My soul is happy and blessed for these simple treasures I enjoy and love. These are true blessings felt within my heart and sent from Heaven above!

I call this "Off the Cuff". When ever I compose a poem or song, there are those times when it just flows. My skills as a poet began when I was 12. From then up to now, I have been inspired by greats such as Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovoni, Maya D'Angilo, Carlene Brice, Angela Davis, Gil Scott Heron, and Smokie Robinson. My mentor was Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and my best friend was my mother the late Mayedean Brown. I have 4 children; Tamar, Kylie Jo, Gavin, and Grayson. I also have 2 Grandsons; Kirk and Klyde. I have 11 younger brothers and sisters that make up a uniquely blended family; Cynthia, Lynnie, Michelle, Kelvis and Kendall (twins), Corky, Garth, Erick, Sheerie, Seth, and Keith. I am blessed to be alive and enjoy so much of the goodness God has blessed me with. Most of all, I pray and hope everyone who reads what I am inspired to compose and write will be uplifted and enlightened. I hope my words give you encouragement and laughter and faiith to believe there is a brighter tomorrow.


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even your profile reads like a poem. i truly enjoyed your poetry. very uplifting. like a warm breeze on a frigid day.... or a cool one on a scorching day! :) thanks for sharing your talents, herb!!!



God bless your soul. Thank you for the heartfelt comments. Your poems have deep insight and they touched my inner core. Your passion to compose poetry is a will within you that must be satisfied. I respect and admire your courage to stand up.

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.