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In l992, Joe-Will decided to enter the world of gangster rap. Joe-will met with great opposition from God. Why? Joe-Will was a messenger for God. At the age of eight, he traveled from city to city and state to state spreading God’s word. He captured and motivated audiences and congregations of all ages. He firmly believed that God uses ordinary people, and no one is too young or old, or even too late to do the will of God. Joe-Will was invited to be the messenger for revivals, children and youth programs, special occasions, and regular services. He was an example for others to follow. Was God really pleased with the change from a local preacher, a young messenger for God, a little minister, to a gangster rapper? Would God allow Joel O’Keith Williams, better known to the neighborhood as Keith, to become Joe-Will, a gangster rapper? Would God allow Joe-Will to succeed with messages marked ADVISORY? A gangster rap, “I’m the Greatest,” marked ADVISORY was produced by Jeff Moser. It sold like wild-fire,
but Joe-Will was never able to establish himself as a gangster rapper. Was it God?

Through this experience, God allowed Joe-Will to become the founder and president of Joe-Will Productions. It was just a name on paper at the courthouse. Finally, God began to change things. He opened doors and Joe-Will Productions began to function again in 2005. His mother opened a subsidiary of Joe-Will Productions known as Teaching Little Fingers to Play. She began to teach piano lessons at Joe-Will’s studio. Students came flowing in. Was it God? Joe-Will watched and enjoyed the happiness of all the piano students, and he was inspired to write gospel rap.

Often the piano students wanted to take the microphone and do a little rapping, a little singing, a little poetry, a little piano playing, a little keyboarding, a lot of laughing, and none of this could be marked ADVISORY. All materials had to be child proof. From this Joe-Will came up with another subsidiary of Joe-Will Productions, God’s Squad. Christian Rap has captured the attention of many. Try it, and I guarantee you will enjoy it.


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Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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