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YEAH! Just found out I'm going to have a baby! Well, technically my wife will, but I'll be there to make inappropriate jokes!

  • Age: 35
  • Location: Schopp
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: US
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I'm gonna be a daddy!


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Merrilyn profile comment


Hey bud just wanted to stop by to say hello and check on ya

beautifuldeath profile comment


you have some kickass artwork. Cleveland is about 2 hours from me. so not too far.

dahlusion profile comment


Your intelligent compliments humble me. I am honored by your presence on my page. You are on the path to self; its a pleasurable & enlightening experience.

beautifuldeath profile comment


Hoping you had a Merry Christmas.

beautifuldeath profile comment


I think this poem is full of meaning and wonderful imagery. the ending was a shocker, I was not expecting the flowers to be for her grave. Loved the poem and the meaning within.

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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Title Comments
Very drunken ranting... Yet mysteriously more intelligent than this site 3
No Damn Title 2
Deuthschland Morgen 5
Nothing 3
The New Sadism 2
Alcoholic 2
Out Of My Head 1
Samantha 0
Sinister Minister 4
One Man's Surrender 3
Plan B 1
A Lover's Suicide 7
Hung Over 3
Redefine 1
Vertigo 3
Dear Mr. Bush 5
Nullus Jus In Bello 2