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My pictures represent me and Mylife, I'm a nature lover, I love what life represents and what it stands for...That's why I try to take advantage of each and every second of Mytime. The smaller things in life may mean nothing to someone like you, But to Me ? it means so much, because.... It's Real Life.
When I look thru the lens of a camera that's what I choose to see and that moment belongs to me... Only Me !
It's mine and no-one can take that vision.
I live for the lives that are no longer.
I dream for the children that have no wonders.
I believe for the looser that it's not over,
And I cry for the mothers who have no others.
I am " L I F E "
Although our lives may consist of many different situations, they were once our reality.
It is said " Leave The Past Behind and Move Forward "
I say " Past, Present, or Future No Matter Where You Leave It, It Is What Makes You Who You Are...It Gave You LIFE "
Now Live !


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freemansvoice profile comment


loved your profile. words to live by

darkfruitfly profile comment


i took your suggestion and addded a bit more of the darkness of the fruit fly, i am confused because you referred to a man of little words..or something like that..what man are referring? darkfruitfly

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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