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I'm a graduate student WITH NO KIDS, who is in a wonderful relationship... With GOD. LOL

I am here to Increase my writing capacity, view the writings of others, as well as showcase my own writings. Many of my writings are from experience, but not all are, so don't think everything is literal. Do realize that as writiers, we have the prerogative to pen what we like. It's called an "Artistic License".

All in all I hope that you enjoy the writings of this Third Coast Boy.
P.S. Constructive remarks, no haters, PLEASE. Haterism gets you nowhere.

"You were thinking it. I just write what you're afarid to."


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JamilahAyanna profile comment


Ay yo thanx alot 4 ya opinion dat meant alot to me I really appreciate ya kind words.....



No problem at all sweetheart. Keep on putting pen to paper.

angelbaby1988 profile comment


i love your poems dam your fly lol



Thanks love❤



Responding to wrong

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

MagicRock’s Poems (17)

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Title Comments
For You To Know 1
Crystalized 1
Reflection of Him 1
Distress Signal 5
Self Talk 2
No Clue 4
Sometimes On My Mind 1
Everything or Nothing At All 1
The Heart Speaks Freely 4
I Want More 8
Not Worth The Price 7
Stonewall -8
Can't Explain It 2
Here It Goes 0
Worthy 5
A New Dawn 1
Transform, Transpose, Transfigure 2