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Where's everyone went?

  • Age: 35
  • Location: Hillsboro, TN
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: United States
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I am not the best poet, but I try to do as good as I can. I am a workaholic. I work full time at Walley World, and I am a Volunteer Fire Fighter at Hillsboro Fire Department. I just stay busy lol...


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Happy 2013!

1990lh profile comment


rawr!! hahaha

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wow ray i saw ya on my friend activity list and i had to drop a line. (((((((((((((((((((ray))))))))))) havent seen ya in like 4ever i hope life is treatin ya well. love and peace hugs and kisses be bless and blissful.90:0)

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hey ray where ya been hiding :0) hope all is well with ya. 90



I haven't bn able 2 get thoroughly online n awhile... sorry bout that. Loves ya Ray

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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Title Comments
To Whom It May Concern 2
Honesty 2
Unknown 8
Her2 4
The Unknown 6
It's All About You, 10
Family Love 2
Death 2
Not naming, bc it's an ex... N i am taking care of her privacy.... 1
My Thoughts On Life... 7
If You Care 6
Dear God 1
Names 4
Help 1
Life #2 1
Her 5
Hurt and Pain 8