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a writer i am, a writer i will forever be, currently residing in tennessee and working at toys r us and an undisclosed call center, i graduated from knoxville college in 2008 with a bachelor's of arts degree in communications, my lifetime goal is to write a book of poetry and be a well-known radio dj like ryan seacrest or jojo wright. i enjoy writing b/c it soothes the soul.


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Hey there- just lettin' ya' may want to change the font size when you's kinda small. Keep up the good writes and I'll keep readin'!

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Thanks for friendship nod. I see that bluberripie is one of your friends. She has been a God send for me and my son. From your picture, you look like a happy person. Peace.

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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RettaJ’s Poems (68)

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Title Comments
Confessions XVII 0
Confessions XV1 0
Confessions XV 2
Confessions XIV 1
Once Was Had 0
Confessions XIII 0
I Will Never Understand 1
A Single Mother's Prayer 0
A Mother's Love 0
What Would It Take 1
They See... 1
What I Need From You... 2
Pieces of You, Pieces of Me 2
Why? 7
Let Our Love Be 3
Let's Talk 1
Confessions XII 1
Confessions XI 1
Confessions X 0
Confessions IX 0
Confessions VIII 0
Confessions VII 1
Confessions VI 1
Confessions V 0
Confessions IV 0
Confessions III 0
Confessions II 0
Confessions I 0
Stuck 3
The Lone Flower 1
Standing In The Middle Of The Field 2
I Am (Part I) 2
I Am (Part II) 2
In A Cold Dark Place 3
The Caf' 0
Never Again 2
I'm Not Scared Anymore 1
Sweet Temptation 1
I Still 0
Until We Meet Again 0
Contagious 0
Awkward Relations 0
And So We Divide... 0
Love Me Because I Care, Hate Me For My Stare 0
"Untitled" 0
What Do You Do? 3
What Shall I Do? 1
Boom Baby Baby Boom 2
A Place Called Home 1
Two Ugly Ducklings 1
Power Struggle 1
Kinda Girl 0
The Girl From Around The Way 6
I'm Sorry 6
Gone Away 3
Someday 1
Beautiful People 3
Un-Rape Me 4
You Did Everything... 1
Look At Me Now...Look At Me Then 1
Listen To The Sounds 2
Ain't Got Time 3
U-Turn, Me-Turn, We-Turn 4
Change 2
Don't Turn Away 0
All You Got Is His Right Hand 0
Fly Like An Eagle 2
Rise Up 1