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Where to begin - ultimate writer's block! Mid '40's, Christian male, divorced, no kids, member of Mulvane Christian Church (since 1992), the Christian Motorcycle Association, Chapter 909 (since 2009), and American Legion Post 136 (since 2009), love riding motorcycles and horses, non-drilling (semi-retired) Air Force member (with 25 years in service), former AF Historian, licensed CDL, Class A driver, brother of one sister, and two brothers, uncle to three nephews and one neice, believer in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There is so much more that I could write, but anything more would really begin to sound like either a singles ad or a resume for employment. So, suffice it to say, I truly enjoy life and writing about it through poetry. Hope you find something you enjoy while reading, either mine or someone elses. Many blessings...peace of christ to you...randy


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loosedstallion profile comment


i'm digging the jewel, the real treasure in your spiritual verse.

Isaiahjanae profile comment


Awesome poem.



Glad you liked it Isaiah and Janae Grace (face)

Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

Shilohii65’s Poems (81)

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Title Comments
Sanctuary in My Dream 1
Broken - Evermore 0
e Away
New Beginnings 1
Sleep, Angel Sleep 2
Know My Heart 1
Morning Glory - Tomorrow @ 8 1
Only a Few 1
This He Knows 1
Skin to Thought 1
Time Wounds 1
When I Wrote 1
Once I Knew 3
Who’s Reality 1
Abide Awhile 1
Sleep Higher 1
Knee Deep in June 1
One Coin Lost 1
Dying to Live Love 1
White Island of Grace 1
Unspoken 1
Hooked on Hope 2
Silent Speak 1
Shadows by Night 1
A Homecoming for Me 2
Her Eyes 1
Mission Complete 1
Painting the Wind Too 1
Pursuing Hearts 1
Words 1
Flickering Flame 1
Ebb n Flow 0
A Poet's Thought 0
Agape Son 1
Chorus of Crickets (A Love Knot Song) 0
Seed of Grace 0
Rose to Nose 1
Penny Well 1
Freedom Fighters 0
So Low 1
Dark Blue Water 1
Red Letters - Love Beyond Measure 1
The Season of My Youth 1
Their Tree 2
Primera Tiempo Amour 1
Gliding Home (A View from Above) 0
No One Answered That Day 3
Birds in Flight 1
Spectacles 1
Sweet Stain 0
Youthful Grace 0
Fresh Bread 1
A Boy So Bright 1
Year Long Day 1
A Friend from Within 1
Blizzard in Oz 1
New Raye (of Hope) 1
Seasonal Attire 1
My Time 0
He Rang the Bell -- 0
Sarah's Touch 0
Button 2
Master Piece 0
Unbridled Blaze 0
Buckskin Boy 0
Hearts Heal 0
Beautiful be Free 0
Gabriel’s Great News 0
Lesson in Session 1
Contemplating Prayer 2
Patterned People 1
Heart Dance 0
Wooly Webb 1
Willow Wind 1
Button Beach 1
Rusting Toys 1
New Fallen Snow - (Dream of My Life) 1
Master Piece 1
Malice in Wonderland 1
Too Blue for One Gold 2
Timberline High 1