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I'm just a teenage boy, nothing special about me, 'sides a wish to be me, though I suppose that isn't so special. w\e I'm a very special little boy. . .even if it's only in my own head. I write poems cuz I wanna. Dunno if they're any good, don't care too much either. I enjoyed writing them and that's enough for me. BUT! I don't mind, in fact, I relish a chance to make them better. Cuz it's more fun than hw. especially AP Calc hw. And also. . .I need a lot of help getting better. Don't worry about offending me. . .I don't mind being offended. Don't worry about hurting my feelings cuz well, you dunno me, so why care? and also, If my writings THAT bad, I prolly need a kick in the ass to get better=) Thanks for w\e you choose to do, whether its read my poems, friend me, comment, criticize or just wantonly ridicule me. Oh, and. . .RAWR.

Oh, Also, I should just warn you, I'm quite insane! ^,.,^


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frazel5 profile comment


Storm!! hey man i miss u!!! hope all is goin good in ur neck of the woods :)

1990lh profile comment


i know ight i got final coming up all this studying is gettin on my nerves.luv npeace.90

1990lh profile comment


RAWR!! hi sounding how ya been its been a while. hope life is treating ya well. hope to see ya in the chat sometimes. luv n peace.90

redbloodink profile comment


Sounding I appreciate who you are..... I should read more...... the writes that I have read seem so real and true to who you are.....

frazel5 profile comment


Hey man! Miss you! it was good seeing you online 2day! :D Hope all is well! ~shelb

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

SoundingStorm’s Poems (38)

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Title Comments
Dreams of Flying on Angels' Wings, Chasing Storms so the Sun May Shine 0
My Home 5
I Had My Chance 11
Paths Unknown 5
My Deepest Pain, My Truest Fear 6
Ever Onward 5
Tormenting Seduction 3
Lost time, lost life. 3
Tears 2
Lied to Remember 1
Push 2
Angel's Lullaby 0
Life's March 1
Loose 1
Power of a Friends Love 3
Sanity's Curse 5
Fickle Fantasy 4
Suicidal Intent 2
Sundering 3
Lornful Longing 1
Sins of My Heart 1
Flaming Flight 1
The End of the World 0
Whispering Tears 1
The Power of Words 2
Sights Unseen 4
Connections In Silence 1
Heartborn Parasite 2
My Own Made Pyre 1
Sounding Storm 3
Burning Insanity 0
Fairy Tale Forevers 0
My Failure 4
Ivory Mask 1
Life's A Dance 1
Spread Your Wings 3
Deaths Lost Heart 0
In Our Name You Die 3