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I'm a poet. I've lived through a lot and I've chosen to put those experiences into words. Mostly the things I can't say out loud or the memories that wont leave my Heart alone. The bulk of my writings are about Love and the women that shape my Heart whether good or bad. I'm a Christian, Marine (got out 2012), Sky Diver, Cowboy, Country Dancer and Wildland Fire Fighter. I hope you enjoy my work and GOD Bless!


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Hey i see youve been on here a little. Do you get a warning on your browser saying websight not secured when you go to sign in?? I contacted the people but no response. This sight is rather dead after they took everything away for a few yrs.. i need to get my poems primted out so i have them all in case something happens again. So i read that you musta found someone? I feel about the same as you do... it dont seem fair others have that love to share and we are all alone hearts as hard as stone and they seemhappy...

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Stopping by to say hi

Trista3 profile comment


I bet anything you wrote about that time and your brothers would be beautiful and a great honor to their memory. I would personally enjoy reading anything you'd care to share no matter how deep.



thanks and I'll think about it, wow looking at my last reply to you I was real tired, alot of writing errors.

Trista3 profile comment


You are a great man. Your service and sacrifice, and those of men and women like you, are the reason my children and myself are free to live our lives the way we choose. No one can ever thank you enough for the freedom you and your brothers and sisters have given us. But I will say it anyway. Thank you.



Thank you, life feels like a never ending challenge; I war hasnt ended for me, the memories never forgotten especially those of my brothers I lost. I really should right more on the subject but thats all deep writtings.

TheLastCowboy profile comment


I DONT want to say Good bye ....

When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA

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Title Comments
You're Being A Ghost 0
The Love I Believe In 0
Varification 0
Purpose 0
Communication 0
4/4/2021 0
The Cage 0
Awning Reflections 0
Petty 0
Final Thoughts Over Her 0
Pass And Review 0
How She Lost Me 0
Manipulation 2
The Thoughts I Won't Show You 1
Dear Woman of Faith 0
The Struggle is Real 0
The Void 0
Calypso 0
Cancer Boy 0
The Phoenix’s Daughter 0
Hermes 0
Inner Child 2
Fallen Dream 0
Dancing with an Angel 2
Lady In Red 0
What Do You Know 2
Packing her Bags 0
My version of Love vs. Yours 0
Dry eyes 0
Selfish 1
Anniversary 0
Single Flower 0
Rare Fiction 0
Her Worth 2
Hurrell 1
19 Let Downs 0
The Difference (between "The One" and just another girl) 0
Foreshadow 0
Time Line 0
What she couldn't say 0
The 19th of Fallujah 1
Wildfire 0
The one who never asked to be Remembered 0
A Vets Cry 4
Paradox 2
Beautiful Search 1
From a Dream 2
Murder 4
Back Door Talk 1
What Do You Want From Me 1
Urban Ballerina 1
Over 1
Her Dream Man 2
Desperate Passion 1
What If 1
Zombie Relationship 1
Timing 1
Romantic Complaints 1
If Ever True Love 1
Carry Each Other 0
When a Star doesn't Shine 0
Talk of Dreams 0
Message In a Bottle 5
Late Night 0
Waste... 3
Under the Texas Moon 0
Walked Away 1
Show Me 1
Kiss 0
It's You 3
What You've Lost 3
Farewell Stampede 2
Eyes 0
Alone 2
Moving On 0
View 0
Leaving the Night Life 3
California Girls 4
The Dream that was Julie 2
Sigala 1
See 1
Odyssey's Desert 0
Word Less Day 0
Fading 1
Black Feather 0
Give Me Peace 1
Your So Mean 0
Julie 0
A Fool's Plee 0
As Easy To Move On 1
Just a Convince 0
Letting go of Julie 1
Today 0
Individual 0
Abortion 3
Good Bye Princess 1
Derailed Train 1
Unicorn 0
Lust Test 2
Romantic Mistake 2
Boundle of Joy 0
Dont Cry 0
Red Eyes 1
Shared Candle Light 1
Intimacy, Passion and Love 0
You were Meant to Be 0
Worth 1
From your Dreams to my Heart 0
Saying Good Night to an Angel 0
Sweet Dreams 0
Sleeps Alone Tonight 0
Learn Me 0
Blue Necklace 0
Dont think me a happy person 1
Complicated 1
Advice 0
Brown Eye's 0
Sleep Tonight 3
Gentle 1
Faded 1
The Moon's Light 2
Artist 2
District 1
You Were 0
Attraction 0
Moments 2
Sleeping Lesson 1
Opposition 4
On My Own 1
Attached 1
I See You 2
Care and Love 3
Should Know Me Better 2
A day with out a single word from Her 2
Edge 1
Self Respect 2
Stars to Scars 1
Care and Gratitude 1
Cpl. Pratt 1
She Didnt Text Back 1
Last Reflection 1
She was the Answer 0
War, Peace and Tears 2
Walk-A-Bout 1
Test of Trust 1
Lullaby 1
The Sun was left to be Alone 2
A Good Bye to the Sun Flower 0
Lost Brazil 0
The Sun Flower 0
Cold Dance 0
Dance Partner 1
A Sunset Thought 2
Please 0
Brazilian Star 2
Brazil 0
Orange 2
Hard Look 1
Pink Elephant 1
Humming Bird 0
Good Bye Jackal 1
Hello 1
Koto's Tune 1
Dance 2012 0
Attention Whore 2
Under the Cherry Blossom 2
Shadows 1
Vet 0
Widow 0
Amethyst 0
Meeting in the club 0
Unknown 0
Lady in White 1
Jackal 0
Sunset 1
A Memories Letter 1
ANGel 0
The Test 1
Three Jackals 0
Advice for a New Reality 2
Plastic 1
Sacrifice of the Heart 0
Her Thoughts 2
Romantic 0
Dancing The Dream 0
Saturday Ride 1
Smile 1
Day Dream 1
Frustrated 1
Through the Wall to the Heart 0
I Cant Remember 1
When having a big Heart doesnt matter 2
Silent Hand 1
Well Then 1
Dream Land 1
Feeling This Way 1
Under The Stars 1
Her Desire 1
Nothing 1
In My Bed 3
Trina 3
Cowboy's Gotta Dream 3