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  • Age: 47
  • Location: La Marque, TX
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As a kid my dad had a poetry book that I would always read, but never knew how to write poems. Until one day when in my twenties, my grandfather passed away. I was feeling really down and I was hurting, so I began to write down the words that came to mind and when I read it...there is was a my first poem. I Thank God for the gift and I thank my dad for having the book. I want to take up photography one day and I write little stories here and there, but I really love poetry. I love music.....mostly jazz. I sketch too, but I want to learn more so I can learn to paint and I want to take up pottery. I come from a long line of artist in my family and I want to be the one who does something with it so other can see the beauty from my heart. That's me!


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I saw the pictures, They are very good and gone into my mind. You are nice in the picture. wish you all the best

ayyan profile comment


I have seen the pictures. They are very good. You love nature and the flowers. Fine

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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Title Comments
Memorial Poem ~ for my dad 2
Remember I am Always near 2
The Heartache of a Daughter 1
What Family Means to Me! 1
How Innocent & How Sweet! 0
You Chose Me 1
True Love 0
GOD's Love 0
Love 0
You Never Turned Away 0
Open Up the Door 1
O' How I Love Thee 0
The Woman & The 2-way Street 0
Momma Why Do You Cry 1
The Love a Daughter has for her Mother 0
The Rainbow In The Sky 1
A Painful Love 2
Seabreeze 0
Time #1 1
A Simple Poem 0