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I began writing poetry at the age of 7 after a traumatic event took place in my life. It has been my outlet every since. A way for me to let go of my feelings even when there was no one there to witness them, to sympathize with them, to condemn or commend them. A messenger came to me and said that the only way for me to find happiness I was seeking was to write a story about my life to help and inspire others and so I did just that. I self-published my autobiography in 2001 and sold over 400 copies. But I'm no hustler and so I felt a publishing house would be best for me. A small press publisher named Belletristic Press Publishing took me into their family and my book titled, "The Darkest Gray" will be in stores and online by March of this year! I am excited of course but I am also released, relieved and reformed from the bloodline curse, the negative energy that my family, my so called friends and corrupted relationships in the past had on me. I am confident now that I will accomplish my purpose in life and leave a legacy for my children long after I'm gone. Peace and Blessings to everyone with such a gift!

Please review my book trailer on Youtube and tell me what you think.


or visit; www.vlyricparker.com
Thanks All!


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Diddydelbhype profile comment


I see that there has to be a light at the end of the tunnell for u. Your struggles, passions and happiness all leads to one thing...TRIUMPH!!! Rejoice and keep keepin' on...mind elevation is all u are exercisin' and all that u need...stay grounded and serene...God bless.

kdavidscott1 profile comment


Hello Vlyric - I just returned from Newnan, Ga and St. Louis today 7/12 - I was in Ga. from the 6th to the night of the 10th my daughter had a baby girl and now I am a Grandpa - did you ever go to my website on lulu - www.lulu.com/thebookcastle1 - if you have any problems call me or text me and I will direct you 913-944-7324



Congratulations on being a Grandpa! Couldn't pull up the site for some reason. Will try again and then call you if I have to.

orsonav profile comment


Thank you for sharing your recent postings. You are a writer that require your readers to read for the subtext of your work. I love to read in that way. You keep writing, and I will keep reading.

orsonav profile comment


Thank you for posting a profile comment on my page. I didn't realize that one could post profile comments, therefore I just read your comments. Your poems indicate that you are a very caring person with a grounded spiritual life. Your earlier pain in life is leading you to the place where God shall have you serve in this life. You are more than the author of Darkest Gray-You are a witness with a testimony. You minister to the pains of others. Keep up the work.

Niecy profile comment


I asked the same question in my piece ~ JUDGEMENT. Tried to put Judgement in this message que but it seems this site would not let me. I'll re-enter, I had this piece on the site when I first joined but took it off. Knowing already that I am a light shining in a very dark place I felt many on this site are searching for something to do with their expression. Growing, learning and most of all crying out. Maybe the timing was inapproiate. Think today I'll enter something different. Anyway, I a

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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