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I am what most would consider to be a "Gothic" poet. I write only dark poetry and avoid writing happy ones. Simply put it's the old saying "To thine own self be true." Well.. I'm just not a "write a happy poem" type of guy. I hope you guys enjoy my works, as I have enjoyed writing them.


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Dear poet, you pictures are very much horror and hand hey?

cousinsoren profile comment


Hey, i think I am going to rnjoy your poetry ,on a night when witches ride on black clouds-brooms, and the aurora borealis betrays their spectral I am gonna write yoiu an occllt critiguw. Watch out, Seek a dark corner from which to safely peekl, when tonehenge sytarts to creak, and Druids begin to dnnce and ther sacrifices begin to shriek, Pal. I am darkly ,but not sadly intrigued,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LOL Please read my "COLUMBUS" opuses, comment and rate. It is tamer stuff than like your creations. I have to me.



Most of this has me debating rather or not you're making fun of my poetry style, or if you're trying to compliment it in a twisted way... I'm confused.

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

Venom637’s Poems (35)

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Title Comments
Curse from God 0
Tainted 2
Gothic Christmas 1
Shattered Souls 1
Blank 2
I am darkness 0
I could only try 1
Broken 2
Cloak 0
This is it 3
My prayer 4
Escape 2
Alone 2
Tainted 2
Succubus 0
Reflection 3
Twisted 1
Stripped Away 3
Dead Man's dance 3
Darkness Rang 1
One Thorn 2
Life 1
Insane 0
FairyTale 0
Lost 1
Mislead 0
Dead 1
Dead once more 2
The roses were red 2
For the life we live 0
The Last Rose 2
Against my will 2
The Color Red 3
Sea of Lies 5
Ten Black Roses 9