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I love to write since I was a child. I am an incest survivor and books were my salvation; not only that, but my escape. I could go anywhere in the world by reading a book. I thought to myself someday I want to write a book. I have other writings to post but
it's getting late and there is always tomorrow. I'm glad for this website and the chance to meet other writers.


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Times when I’m all alone when all the work is done. These are the times when I reminisce bringing back sweet memories of days gone by. The mind is the key to the vehicle that travels the roads and byways of time. All these journeys and their detours that couldn’t be avoided come back in flashes. My mind takes me places that I had forgotten exist. The mystery is how the mind covers the hurts, disappointments, tragedies and heartbreaks with shadows so they vaguely appear. It seems like when I reminisce it’s of goodness and cheer and hardly ever of the bad things that bring up a tear.

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Thanks for the compliment; I love to write more than anything else I do. I read everything that's available and write about everything and anything. I love writing children’s stories as well as adult fantasies. Give me a topic, any topic, and I'll write about it. I write in a language that's not to prestigious and I write for the reader of average intelligence. I have one published book called Total Recovery that I wrote as a bible for the substance abuser and I’m working on a novel called Letters to Elena. I’ve written songs (both lyrics and music) and I’ve written 1001 poems, all styles. I just entered a poem in the weekly original poetry contest read it and rate it if you get a chance. The poem is called “Lady Luck and Deprivation” actually it’s two poems in one submission. If you read it be sure and watch the video that goes with it, the links in my commentary. LOL, BDC

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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