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Chillin with thee bestie.. enjoyn everything cant get better

  • Age: 28
  • Location: Pittsburgh , PA
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: US
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Im 18 years old, Ive been writing since I was about 8 its my passion. I love how I can escape the reality of the world in my writings. I hope you like my work.


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This young lady is talened beyond her years.

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can we read and rate each others poems?



yea we can you comment and rate and ill do you

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

YungPoetiic’s Poems (25)

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Title Comments
The Poetiic Ho' 2
The Woman You Need Me to Be 1
Yesterdays Thought Of a Fallen Angel 0
Blow My Mind 0
What Is Love 4
Ride 1
Addicted 2
Lovers Nightmare 1
Before I Went To Bed 1
What A Mother's Worth 1
A simple Smile, A Scream Inside 1
My Treasure 1
Hypocrites And Haters!!! 1
Without you I'm like... 0
You 1
Natural Disaster 1
A Place To Rest 2
My Family 1
Courage To Move On 0
Beyond Climax 2
Shattered Peices 0
We'll Be Friends Foreva 1
Like No Otha 0
The Reasons I Love You 1