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Hi! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my stuff with you. I've been at this for some time now. I am a spontaneous writer. My big influence is Shel Silverstein. He makes me laugh. If my poems can make somebody grin, or chuckle, it makes me feel good. Life is too short to be caught up in bitterness and heartbreak. That is why I try to keep my stuff on the lighter side.
I am a big outdoors kind of guy. Love chess, rugby, lacrose and kayaking. I listen to classical, blues, bluegrass, folk, cajun, rock, brittish Ilses music. I love to cook, Love flying my kites. Like to read. Love history. Simple things- a sunrise, the song of a bird, thunderstorms, are things I really enjoy. I just keep it simple. So thanks for your time! And have a great day!



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sk profile comment


Your stuff makes me smile...which is your goal I suppose! I just never quite know how to comment on some of your topics...!!!!!

CT profile comment


Its fun to come across a poet who has so much in common with myself. I too have been influenced by Shel Silverstein and I am actually a rugby coach for middle school kids. You work is light and fun, just like what I want to achieve. Good job and thanks for sharing!

raggedypoet profile comment


You inspire me to write more upbeat humorous poems. Most of my humor is in short story form. But I am gonna try my hand at this stuff!! Your poetry is so entertaining and just darn good!! Keep them coming I can always use a smile! ~Sara

sk profile comment


AFter reading your work I have decided to try my hand at a little something lighter...not sure though, you seem to have mastered the humorous thing...I enjoy what you have written here though...all very good!

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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Title Comments
Love Is Blind (A Tribute To Hugh Hefner) 0
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Sister Sally 0
A Cheap Cigar 1
A Toilet Plunger 2
Harry's Secret 0
The Lucky Shamrock Cafe' 0
Party Plates 1
Funny Lettuce 0
White House Welfare 1
Lindsay Lohan's Rebutal 0
A New Harvest 0
A Day At The Beach 0
With Some Regret 1
Tofu 2
Farding 1
The Legend Of Uncle Bill 2
Organ Donor 0
Too late 1
Told you so! 3
Guess? 3
De Big House 3
A Slouch 1
The Wigger 1
who's Next? 0
Happy Birthday! 2
A Diet? 0
A Doctor's Scorn 2
Friutcake 2
Her Irish Stallion 0
A Strange Boquet 2
Imagine That 4
Texting Ted 4
Dog-Gone It! 2
A True Story 1
Dandilions 7
The Dream 3
A Cheap Date 3
The Opera 1
No Bragging 1
No Fish'n 1
Boogers 2
A Bad Combo 1
My Poems 2
An Alternative 2
A Day At The Beach 2
Chocolate 2
Ain't No Cold Sore 1
Take A Chance 1
Scoped 1
The Girls Night Out 2
The Wanker 1
The Cigarette 0
The Preener 2
To A Friend 3
Tattoo's 3
Vegas 2
Giddy Up! 2
To All The Girls 1
The Saucey Wench 3
The Grusome Tale Of Sheila Ann 4
To Pamela Anderson 2
Hillary's Bluff 3
Sugar Sheila 5
Inch By Inch 1
A Mirage 1
Ruth's Perfume 3
Gasoline 3
The Red Pencil 2
Dear Jeffery 2
When I'm Eighty 1
Benny Penny 0
Say It Isn't So 1
Protein Polly 1
Lunch Time 1
Rap 5
A Reminent Of Youth 1
The Red Light 1
Take Out 1
Prunes 1
The 4th of July 1
What's For Dinner? 1
Scott's Frosted Mug 5
Sharky 0
A Blessing 1
Pistol Pete 3
Hemmorrhoid Henry 3
New Hair 5
Rabbits 3
Should Of Would Of Could Of 3