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Hmmm... On the Internet I go by the name of Lana raven, but my real name is Delilah; it doesn't matter of which you call me by. Well... I'm a very artistic girl. I have a passion for music and writing, they're both something that I do everyday. I like writing and poetry and hope one day to become a famous writer. I can write about anything if I set my mind to it, but I like to write my poems about sorrow, despair, darkness, and occasionally mythical things.
I joined this site to share my poems with people and see the feedback that they give me. So if you comment on a poem of mine then go ahead I'm open for anyone's feedback. But no matter what you say about a post of mine, I will keep it posted whether you like it or not.
I am real young but I have a lot of creativity in me and can write about some serious and graphic things; but that's just me.
I hope you like the poems I put up


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Happy New Blood

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Happy Twenty 11 as I tip my glass to you...

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Lana you are a young amazing writer, welcome to OP, and the Poets of Blood



Thank you- glad to be welcomed into the poets of blood

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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Title Comments
My Tourniquet, My Trigger 2
Infinite Dimensions 0
Acid 1
Monster in the Mirror 0
Bound 0
My Seas 2
You 1
Why? My Dark Angel pt. 3 0
Fire 1
Fly to the Stars, Escape to the Moon 0
Our blood 1
does He hear me? 0
Please, My Dark Angel - pt. 2 0
Wishing for demise 0
goodmorning 1
Unheard 0
Tears of blood 3
love is immortal and eternal, even in death 4
The Sea of Blood and Tears 6
Pure Agony 3
A Vampire's Creed 2
Lullaby to Death 2
Drug 1
damaged soul, destroyed heart 0
eath is better
Goodnight 1
Do you know you've killed me? 0
Come Here, My Dark Angel 0
nightmares 1
pray for salvation 2
my bittersweet love 4