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Hmmm... On the Internet I go by the name of Lana raven, but my real name is Delilah; it doesn't matter of which you call me by. Well... I'm a very artistic girl. I have a passion for music and writing, they're both something that I do everyday. I like writing and poetry and hope one day to become a famous writer. I can write about anything if I set my mind to it, but I like to write my poems about sorrow, despair, darkness, and occasionally mythical things.
I joined this site to share my poems with people and see the feedback that they give me. So if you comment on a poem of mine then go ahead I'm open for anyone's feedback. But no matter what you say about a post of mine, I will keep it posted whether you like it or not.
I am real young but I have a lot of creativity in me and can write about some serious and graphic things; but that's just me.
I hope you like the poems I put up


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Happy New Blood

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Happy Twenty 11 as I tip my glass to you...

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Lana you are a young amazing writer, welcome to OP, and the Poets of Blood



Thank you- glad to be welcomed into the poets of blood

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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Title Comments
My Tourniquet, My Trigger 2
Infinite Dimensions 0
Acid 1
Monster in the Mirror 0
Bound 0
My Seas 2
You 1
Why? My Dark Angel pt. 3 0
Fire 1
Fly to the Stars, Escape to the Moon 0
Our blood 1
does He hear me? 0
Please, My Dark Angel - pt. 2 0
Wishing for demise 0
goodmorning 1
Unheard 0
Tears of blood 3
love is immortal and eternal, even in death 4
The Sea of Blood and Tears 6
Pure Agony 3
A Vampire's Creed 2
Lullaby to Death 2
Drug 1
damaged soul, destroyed heart 0
eath is better
Goodnight 1
Do you know you've killed me? 0
Come Here, My Dark Angel 0
nightmares 1
pray for salvation 2
my bittersweet love 4