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Usually very pessimistic here, as I am disturbed by many trends in society. My poems will reflect this. Read them if you want, but to challenge me, is what I want. I welcome it openly but know I can be harsh and I am opinionated logically (as far as I can see; it's your job to prove me wrong). I am close to a Bachelors of Science in Biology and a minor in philosophy. Also know that deep down I am a humanist and I know we are capable of much more than what we do. My poems are meant to inspire action instead of promote the human's idea that, "we are helpless and doomed to destroy."


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(░) `O. ¸¸. ✲. ¸. o´¯`¸. o´¯`❄¸ (░) `O. ¸¸. ¸.✲´¯`o. ¸ (░) `O. ¸❄。`O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`❄。 ¨¯`*✲.... ¸. o´¯`o. ¸ (░) `O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`❄. ¸ (░) ´*。✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。 ❄ SPLAT**The start of Snowball Fight 2010 and you'd better start splatting poet's profiles before they splat yours again. Copy, paste, and throw lol!

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Intellectual opinions are nearly impossible in a fellowship of writers, you can take it for what it is or disembark it. Who knows you might make friends with an intellectual fool or a “wanttobie” writer.

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u know honestly if i can come up with a way because real change comes from the inside of a peson. So i doubt that i can change someone they must want to change the best idea i have is to pray for them and for God to work on the inside of them. Most of the time ppl dont know the harm they are causing or they dont really care, so idk but its more of a want to change and not me tryna change ppl i realize that....

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yea definitely i care...i mean its like..idk i think its important to take care of this Earth and if i were a scientist i would come up with some helpful ways to help this planet, but i totally suck at Chemistry and Biology and more than likely would accidently blow up my lab i was experimenting in...thats how bad i do in Chemistry, although it is extremely, but I always pick up trash i see on the floor and such and i walk a lot of places and recycle....i will admit though, i am not a big person on eco-friendliness and im sure there are some more things i could do to help, but im still stuck on the minor things to help,...

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ok sorry it took so long to get back to just strung out on tryna find a scripture that supports my claim in this argument....i can't lol. And one day i am supposed to be a prosecuting attorney and im already doing a bad job...grr...well i will admit that until i get proof to support my argument i am beaten because i know u wont believe me just by me saying that God wants us to take care of the Earth and that the Bible-- well u get the idea....and anyways as soon as i find something i will let u know....sorry it took so long...idk how im supposed to make it practicing law. By the way what are u going to college...if u are going to college i actually dont know i just assumed u

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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