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  • Location: Fountain Hills, AZ
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I started writing poetry 14 years ago to celebrate the birth of his daring, darling daughter Valerie. I wanted to preserve all the memories of the first time she walked, talked. Valerie was born with many obstacles to overcome giving me much to write about. Writing soon became my way of saving my sanity. Valerie is doing great now; she is quite the young writer.
Please think about buying a signed, First Edition copy of my new collection of poetry, Storytelling, only $13.95, plus $2 dollars for shipping.


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dahlusion profile comment


Hey, where have you gone too? You are missed!



Nice to be remembered. Thank you. Have a Happy Holiday.

SavVySam profile comment


Hello Charles...Just stopped by to say hello, and to let you know I enjoy your work...Keep writing!;)

icu2 profile comment


Charles, your stuff is good. But, for Pete's sake would you consider a larger font size? Go to 3 or even 4. I had the flu...and I want to read you...but the strain is giving me a headache. Please? For me? You know you can.

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

charles52’s Poems (52)

Title Comments
Title Comments
Hunter gets Hunted 4
The Gift of Fine China 3
Enemies Everywhere 1
The Lost Boys 4
Exterminate to extinction 2
All day in the desert 2
The Synchronicity of Deja vu 3
The Black Hole 4
Lesson not learned 2
Juggernaut 2
The Legacy 2
The Sun Dance 1
The Earthquake 2
Refueling 1
Detroit 1
A Recipe for Absolute Power 2
Proud of Place 2
Omega 2
At the Gates of Hell 3
Wildfire 3
Liberated 2
Quiet Desperation 3
Tailgating 2
Playing Hooky 1
The Awakening 1
The Empty Man 3
A Moment in Time 2
Chief Satanta 2
Thunderbolt 2
My CD Player 1
Taking Flight 4
Retreating 1
Crazy Horse 2
Pizza in the Afternoon 2
Moonchild 2
Sitting Bull 2
Shattered 3
Of the old ways 3
Our Hurricane 4
The Ritual Dance 2
Her Garden 2
Living as Driftwood 1
The Dancing Flame 2
In Another's Shoes 3
Chief Joseph 3
Life is Fleeting 2
Geronimo 2
The Dead have no say 1
Finger Exercises 2
Effects of Films Noir 2
Proud Possessions 2
Frustrating Fast 2