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  • Location: Elkhart, In
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I'm a simple girl living VICTORIOUSLY under the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit daily.

I enjoy writing short stories and poems because it gives me an opportunity to reveal little jagged pieces of myself that I wouldn't ordinarily reveal.

Some of them are things I've personally gone through and others are simply things that I see going on in the world. My poems don't always completely rhyme but that's ok its what makes them mine. They don't always completely reveal the message they are trying to convey and that's ok too. I write what I'm thinking and it often gets flooded by my feelings. Sometimes our feelings aren't always clear right away either.

I'm a thinker, a rambler and often a babbler.

I truly hope you enjoy these little jagged pieces of me.

I do constructively review and rate other writers works. I think its helps them dig deeper within themselves to find what they're truly trying to let out. I encourage others to review and rate mine as well. I know that I can never please everyone that's just part of life. We all have different tastes. I think that's something we should keep in mind when we're reading others work. If its not necessarily something we would ordinarily read or prefer, we would personally have no way of knowing what's good and whats not; so we have no business rating it and should leave it for those that do. Just my opinion.


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To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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Title Comments
Would You Love Me? 2
Hopelessness 3
Time Stood Still 2
The Tortured Soul 2
To Love You 2
The Nail 3
The Battle Within 1
I Dream 1
My Love For You 2
Today 2
The Mist 0
Long Lonely Nights 1
Silly Dreams 0
Lavished With Love, Hugs and Kisses Galore 0
Simply Me, Created With A Purpose 0
Words 0
Oh Please 1
You're Beautiful 1
He Called Me By Name 2
When I Say I Love You 2
Love 1
American Beauty 1
Me, Me, Me 0
Made For Each Other 0
The Old Swing 0
Tall Dark And Beautiful 2
Tranquility 1
sapphire starlight 1