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Poetry will always emerge out of the shadows of depression, shining like a star in the scarcity of light.

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My name is Natalie. I write because I need to, and it is the only place where I feel free and completely at peace. I begin getting snappy and grouchy (or "grumpity-umpity", as my little brother calls it) when I haven't written for more than a couple days or so. One of my poems, "Sky Demon", won a Gold Key Award for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards of 2010.
I have much trouble with self-confidence and shyness, due to the fact that I have been made fun of a lot at school. I do not have very many friends, but am a very good one to the ones I have. I am unhappy with the way our society shuns away homosexuality, though I am straight myself.
I am very open-minded. Quiet, but certainly not afraid to voice my opinion. I am not a believer or worshiper of any god, but I respect other people's beliefs and remain open-minded on the subject.

If you would like for me to read and comment on any of your poems, feel free to ask, and I will happily read and give feedback on them. Just let me know what they are titled, and I will make sure to look at them.


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lunamarie profile comment


wise beyond your years ... a great talent ... inspiring ... lovely ... and unique ............ my best, Luna



thank you so much. i appreciate it.



you're welcome ... keep up the good work ... Natalie ............

Dead4Rest profile comment


I took your advice and I worked on my poem drowning, I sort have took out a part making the poem flow better :) keep writting your amazing!! oh and please keep reading my poems, I need all the advice I can get, I want to get better ;)



oh, that's good. thank you. and i'll keep reading your poems! =]

Dead4Rest profile comment


O_O YOUR 12!!!!! your very good for your age, WOW!!

Dead4Rest profile comment


thank you for accepting the invite!! glad to be friends!! :D I like your poems very much!!



im glade to be friends with you, too!thank you. i like your poems, too. =]

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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iLuvPoetryJACOB’s Poems (51)

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Title Comments
Home of My Soul, Timeless Lake 3
Untitled (4 Haiku) 3
White Feathers, Like Snow (3 Haiku) 3
I Will Not Be Your Teddy Bear 3
The Raven's Symphony 2
Looking at my Rain Spattered Window 3
Artificial Dreamland 4
I Am No Longer Your Lovely Mess; I Am a Broken Wine Glass 4
Tiger Please Rid Me of my Sin 2
Mom and Dad 2
Broken Reflection 1
Halo of Leaves 2
Majestic 0
As I Watch You Sleep 0
Sky Demon 1
A Somber Wood 2
Rage That Has Me Trapped 1
Seven Suits of Armor 1
Never Saw the Day (haiku) 0
Sorrows in the Dust 0
Swimming in Sapphire Eyes 0
The Song Sung by the Birds 1
Glint of Forgotten Memories 1
Ice Chamber 1
Hidden Peace 1
We Are Warriors (Inspired by the movie Avatar) 2
Kissed By The Moon 2
You Are My Flower 1
Living In The Past 1
If 2
Canvas of Ebony 2
Just Another Trash Can, Isn’t It? 2
Winter's Gift 1
This Is For The King (What A Christmas) 0
Sweet Memories (Good-Bye) 0
For My Country 0
Days Of Our Lives 0
Here Comes The Rain 2
Lightning 1
Mary Jane 0
Trapped Behind The Glass 0
Unworthy Throne 0
Shiny Penny 0
Nature's Jewel 1
Protective Shadows 0
Under The Covers 0
Nothing To Break Your Fall 1
Lovely Soul 2
Blind Sorrow 1
Trapped Water 1