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ive always loved writing . never really poetry specifically, but short stories . somehow everything i write ends up in poem form though . i dont aspire to become a famous writer . just to form a connection with individuals . because writing, just like most forms of art, is interpreted differently each time it is discovered , thats why art is so beautiful . it can never be wrong . &i do consider writing a form of art . because just like artists use brushes, or musicians use instruments, writers use words . words can paint a materpiece in your mind . words can arouse feelings in the deepest part of your being . and while the writer may not be aware, somewhere in the world someone else shares the exact feelings you describe in your poem or story . art is a univeral language . you dont have to be rich or smart, you just have to have an open mind .

i do hold different ideals and values from most people . im very simplistic . sometimes people make me mad . but i never hold blame . society does a good job of shaping people into mindless zombies . if people would only humble themselves to the idea that the world goes far beyond their existance then they would realize that their label clothing, and new car are meaningless . because a person cannot be valued by material possesions . artificial beauty and money do not last forever . happiness does .

anyways, before i write a 5page essay about life .
you can contact me through my myspace . i love discussing philosophy . writing . music . life . poetry . love . anything! &im friendly for the most part . haha except when im a jerk (:


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Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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