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: Jeff Lee. I am originally from a tropical paradise in Florida my Island home is named Venice. I am a Writer, professional Dermagraphic Artist and a accomplished Muse. When I am not lost deep in my Art it is said that I have the heart of a Lion with the soul of a Muse, an interesting combo. I took a break from writing for fifteen years or so ago. It seems that life had got in the way for a minute. Now I am back I had forgotten the pleasure I receive out of writing, and people reading my work. It drives me to keep writing to keep my title king of the Muse. I have been a Demagraphic Artist since nineteen ninety three, for those of you whom do not know what a Dermagraphic Artist is, its defined as Tattoo Artist. I have traveled all over the United States for shining sea to shining sea. I ended up in Michigan. I have a degree in the fine Arts, a Doctrine in life experiences. I am very humble person a simple soul. I enjoy the simple things in life and understand the little things are really what count.
I write Poetry out of life experiences. People tell me my work is falls out of my heart, is caught in my head, than channeled through my hands. I have Mused a lot of people and friends over the years and left mark with my Tattooing. I would like to thank all the people who believe in me, . I hope you will find my words inspirational, funny or a little witty. In reading my Poems of Love, dislikes and everything in between. I have searched a long time for the right definition of my writing . For those of who know me and understand me, and for those of who will call me friends, thank you. I write under my pen name Inkmaster it allows me to have a life. God Bless.
I also am a Poet of Blood and write for a couple other causes..I want to thank every one out there for reading my crazie thoughts, I will return the favor and pay it forward too you...
My new book ~Twilight Moments~ is out for sale...I also write for Poets Of Blood I am in volume one and two! so buy a copy and do something fro the homeless, you can make a difference! Update..I have two new books that are comming soon, i just signed the contracts for ~ Moments in time~ and also ~In the Flesh~ fiction.....!
Jeff aka the ~Inkmaster~


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Ink this is the original Redbloodink I'm trying to do this off of a phone...... I will be posting I hope you are still coming here

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Happy New Year!

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Just stoppin' by sayin' " Hi " To Good Friends!!! Be Well... Remain Blessed!!! Love & Light, Tierra @ }-'-,

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Love your skin work dude . . Great stuff. -Ming



thanks man...Its what i am about...getting ready to hit Detroit and will be inking again at a shop soon.....Inkmaster

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Happy Twenty 11 as I tip my glass to you...



back at you,,,,tonight it will be on......Jeff

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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Title Comments
-The Storm Within- 1
sky 1
~winter~ 2
~the forever fight~ 1
~angels arms~ 1
~dream~ 2
~The Darkness~ 0
~As my armour dulls~ 2
~ssdd~ 1
~WAR~ 0
~The color of gray~ 3
~When love grows cold~ 1
~come tomorrow~ 0
~The shadow~ 1
~Winters embrace~ 3
~The blackness of the night~ 0
~Tiss the season~ 1
~some things~ 0
~Sunshine through the rain~ 1
~Thoughts~ 1
~Black~ 1
~Suicidal moments for two~ 1
~Ready to feel~ 0
~open eyes~ 2
~what i want for Christmas~ 1
~Givin the rite~ 0
~cold~ 1
~Winter blows~ 1
~Between the lines~ 1
~To see through my eyes~ 1
~Being a Poet of Blood~ Poets of Blood Volume 2 Available @ Createspace.c
~Between the Ocean Scenes~ 1
~Stains on my soul~ 1
~What matters~ 1
~Straight Fate~ 0
~Lost tides of my days~ 0
~The passing of time~ 0
~My steel poney~ 0
~The pitch of the night~ 0
~Time machine~ 0
~Days~ 0
~Water, air, fire, and earth~ 0
~you love me either way~ 0
~Shades of gray~ 1
~Givin the chance~ 1
~Angel Master~ 1
~Lifes actions~ 1
~The shadows dance~ 1
~Dark and white~ 0
~A poem sent home~ 1
~Insanity~ 2
~My number 2 Pencil~ 1
~Ghost~ 1
~The fountain of youth~ 0
~When souls mate~ 1
~Blood shot eyes~ 2
~TheAngel and Demon~ 1
~The spark that fires my heart~ 1
~Verse~ 1
~as I walk down the road!~ 1
~Soul drifting~ 1
~From the heart~ 0
~In the blink of a eye~ 0
~Summers last dance~ 0
~My Warrior Angel~ 1
~The waters comming in~ 1
~Staining you~ 1
~Forfeit of the dream~ 1
~Trippin throught the sands of time~ 1
~Shades Of Blue~ 1
~I feel you from a far~ 0
~Bloodfest~ 1
~The emotion of love~ 1
~bleeding through the cracks~ 2
~The Petals of time~ 1
~hopeful thoughts~ 1
~Faith~ 1
~broken~ 1
~Comtempt~ 1
~jaded thoughts~ 3
thought 1
~Staining you~ 1
~What If~ 2
RE: POB Bleed for a Cause Volume 2 ~~bleeding bloody drops~ 1
~Your Blood flows through me~ 6
~I still think of you~ 4
~Tattoo~ 6
~The Tattoo never dries~ 9
RE: POB Bleed for a Cause Volume 2 ~slither~by inkmaster 5
~Thick is the night~ 4
~LOST~ 2
~Shedding skin~ 3
~Golden Rings ~ 14
~leather and lace~ 5
~By the campfire light~ 4
~more than life gives back~ 6
~Lost in the darkness~ 1
~on the slab~ 4
~broken~ 5
~Checkmate~ 2
~Love knows no fear !~ 4
~Tao of thought~ 4
~Tails from the heart ~ 5
~Until the darkness pulls~ 4
~Tattooing your hide~ 4
~First light~ 1
~hand and hand~ 2
~demons of the shadows~ 5
~hope~ 1
~To my Love~ 1
~thoughts~ 2
~The needles sight~ 5
~Waiting for our time~ 7
~Loves symphony~ 7
~Words made just for two~ 8
~I am your clown~ 3
~From a far~ 3
~The Rite Words~ 1
~To see again~ 0
~roses~ 3
~Burnt memories~ 2
~The scars within~ 6
~Picking up the pieces~ 2
~Nameless~ 5
~Simple thought~ 4
~The loneliness of existence~ 3
~I still fight~ 1
~My chard soul~ 5
For~ Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause ~Blood drops~ 4
~Deep within the sands~ 5
~Withdrawn and lifeless~ 5
~A shot in the dark~ 1
~Walk away~ 2
~Dead mans trance~ 6
~winter leaves again~ 1
~Soulless journey~ 3
~Homeless in homelands~For Poets of Blood! 5
~Forfeit of the dream~ 3
~Bleeding out for the cause~ 2
~MoJo Bag~ 3
~Black Widow~ 3
~Scare tissue~ 4
~Despair~ 6
~The sea of life~ 3
~The other within~ 2
~The reflection still reflects~ 5
~Knighted friend~ 7
~Deadly Force~ 7
~Winters last breath~ 2
~The passing of time~ 4
~Pandora’s box~ 5
~Lost tides of my days~ 6
~Regret~ 4
~Love makes her play~ 3
~Dream catcher~ 5
~Black Satin~ 3
~The confession~ 5
~The prince and the pauper~ 2
~Friend or foe~ 6
~The colors of the day~ 8
~Dark in light out~ 2
~Stained scars~ 4
~One last gift~ 2
~Ships in the night~ 2
~The tides of today~ 2
~Poison~ 3
~Calling out the dead~ 3
~Broken thoughts~ 2
~Iron Horse~ 2
~Remembering yesterdays~ 3
~The mystery of being a poet~ 1
~Unstoppable anger~ 1
~The song of night~ 1
~The clutch of crows~ 2
~Life is what you make it~ 4
, suffocating, memoirs of the day~
~The shadows inside~ 1
~Ode to Edger Allan Poe~ 4
~Fallen through the grains of time~ 6
~To Live again~ 5
~Should I look for you~ 2
~Days~ 2
Déjà vu 3
~Day jaw voodoo~ 1
~Six feet down looking up~ 1
~My sea~ 2
~Waltz up Hells hill.~ 5
~Unhallmark moment 2~ 2
~Machicolated words of verse~ 1
~Trapped in lost time~ 1
~For the knights asleep above~ 3
~Twilight Moments~ 1
~Rewind your dream~ 2
~Caught in a diffuse tomb ~ 1
~Lost in a untamed play~ 3
~Desperation rides~ 1
~Midnight lost unheard~ 1
~I swear~ 1
~Pitch-black pools of the past~ 2
~Pounding at the keys~ 2
~Suicidal moments for two~ 2
~Questions with out a mark~ 1
~I crawl before I fall~ 2
~The thickness of the night~ 4
~Yesterdays feed~ 3
~Soul sacrifice~ 1
~Death on the inside~ 2
~Ripping words~ 3
~Straw to salutation~ 2
~The burning fires~ 3
~Darkness of night.~ 2
~Evils dance~ 2
~Verve s symphony~ 1
~Everyone need to roll~ 1
~Getting back what is mine~ 2
~Darkness posse the dammed~ 1
~Cast on the alters flames~ 3
~When love slips in~ 1
Love 2
~Caught in the middle!~ 0
~The sadest of sad~ 5
~Unfading the mirror~ 5
~Personal Muse~ 4
..When Love shows its face.. 3
~Whispers of my soul~ 2
~From my quill~ 3
~Lust in Time~ 3
~Destines burned in faith~ 6
~Evil Rises~ 6
~Winter Embrace~ 1
~The Un hallmark moment~ 3
~Path~ 2
~ Between the lines~ 0
~Our Time~ 2
~the Storm Within~ 0
~questions in time~ 0
~The walk of life~ 3
~Slave to the needle~ 2
~Wings of Love~ 2
~Intertwined souls~ 1
~More than you know~ 1
~Crystal Clear~ 3
~Found again~ 1
~Peeled away layers~ 0
A mused 0
Locked and loaded... 2
What makes a Man?? 2
Winters Breath... 5
Shadows in the wind.. 1
~Lost in Winter~ 1
~The Devil and Angel~ 2
~ Friend~ 3
Essence of you... 2
Lost in the light.... 1
Merry Christmas Dad.. 2
In Me 2
Lost in yesterdays fires 1
Zombie 1
Forever lost in you... 1
Lost in Solitude 1
The words U speak!! 5
Dragon dew 1
Open eyes.... 5
Stains on my soul.. 2
Think of you 2
lost 0
1000 WAYS 2
Love wins..... 4
2012 1
ink 1
Shadows Dance 1
pushing ink 2
For a friend.... 3
My good twin... 1
Wishing Well 3
break me down 2
Dark thoughts carverd in time 3
Shedding youth 1
Soulless expressions 2
Goodbye 4
Blood shot eyes 2
rhyme 0
UnLoved 3
Home 0
Dance of the dead 4
A true friend.. 2
dark thoughts 3
Illusion of life 0
bending the pen 0
fozen thoughts 1
Drifting 3
Secret garden 3
last flight 2
Soulless 1
Box 1
The forever fight.. 4
Welcome to Hell (to jadedjezzabel
) Poetry Forums
Fallen 1
Lake view....... 1
Hero 0
Fuck M Jackson 4
A simple Poem 0
The Ride 0
poem 0
Forever 1
dream 4
On the road.. 0
personal prison 3
UPA open site invitation 4
Halloween 1
long day 1
Lifes Ride 2
dead souls 3
Thoughts 1
The Flame 6
Heavens gates 2
A thief in the night 6
To put a mark upon your skin 6
Dancing in the moonlight.... 1
RIP for Steveie..... 4
my evil side 4
The City 1
midnight 2
Winter again........
the way it is 3
From within.......
somewhere 6