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: Jeff Lee. I am originally from a tropical paradise in Florida my Island home is named Venice. I am a Writer, professional Dermagraphic Artist and a accomplished Muse. When I am not lost deep in my Art it is said that I have the heart of a Lion with the soul of a Muse, an interesting combo. I took a break from writing for fifteen years or so ago. It seems that life had got in the way for a minute. Now I am back I had forgotten the pleasure I receive out of writing, and people reading my work. It drives me to keep writing to keep my title king of the Muse. I have been a Demagraphic Artist since nineteen ninety three, for those of you whom do not know what a Dermagraphic Artist is, its defined as Tattoo Artist. I have traveled all over the United States for shining sea to shining sea. I ended up in Michigan. I have a degree in the fine Arts, a Doctrine in life experiences. I am very humble person a simple soul. I enjoy the simple things in life and understand the little things are really what count.
I write Poetry out of life experiences. People tell me my work is falls out of my heart, is caught in my head, than channeled through my hands. I have Mused a lot of people and friends over the years and left mark with my Tattooing. I would like to thank all the people who believe in me, . I hope you will find my words inspirational, funny or a little witty. In reading my Poems of Love, dislikes and everything in between. I have searched a long time for the right definition of my writing . For those of who know me and understand me, and for those of who will call me friends, thank you. I write under my pen name Inkmaster it allows me to have a life. God Bless.
I also am a Poet of Blood and write for a couple other causes..I want to thank every one out there for reading my crazie thoughts, I will return the favor and pay it forward too you...
My new book ~Twilight Moments~ is out for sale...I also write for Poets Of Blood I am in volume one and two! so buy a copy and do something fro the homeless, you can make a difference! Update..I have two new books that are comming soon, i just signed the contracts for ~ Moments in time~ and also ~In the Flesh~ fiction.....!
Jeff aka the ~Inkmaster~


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Ink this is the original Redbloodink I'm trying to do this off of a phone...... I will be posting I hope you are still coming here

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Happy New Year!

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Just stoppin' by sayin' " Hi " To Good Friends!!! Be Well... Remain Blessed!!! Love & Light, Tierra @ }-'-,

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Love your skin work dude . . Great stuff. -Ming



thanks man...Its what i am about...getting ready to hit Detroit and will be inking again at a shop soon.....Inkmaster

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Happy Twenty 11 as I tip my glass to you...



back at you,,,,tonight it will be on......Jeff

Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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Title Comments
-The Storm Within- 1
sky 1
~winter~ 2
~the forever fight~ 1
~angels arms~ 1
~dream~ 2
~The Darkness~ 0
~As my armour dulls~ 2
~ssdd~ 1
~WAR~ 0
~The color of gray~ 3
~When love grows cold~ 1
~come tomorrow~ 0
~The shadow~ 1
~Winters embrace~ 3
~The blackness of the night~ 0
~Tiss the season~ 1
~some things~ 0
~Sunshine through the rain~ 1
~Thoughts~ 1
~Black~ 1
~Suicidal moments for two~ 1
~Ready to feel~ 0
~open eyes~ 2
~what i want for Christmas~ 1
~Givin the rite~ 0
~cold~ 1
~Winter blows~ 1
~Between the lines~ 1
~To see through my eyes~ 1
~Being a Poet of Blood~ Poets of Blood Volume 2 Available @ Createspace.c
~Between the Ocean Scenes~ 1
~Stains on my soul~ 1
~What matters~ 1
~Straight Fate~ 0
~Lost tides of my days~ 0
~The passing of time~ 0
~My steel poney~ 0
~The pitch of the night~ 0
~Time machine~ 0
~Days~ 0
~Water, air, fire, and earth~ 0
~you love me either way~ 0
~Shades of gray~ 1
~Givin the chance~ 1
~Angel Master~ 1
~Lifes actions~ 1
~The shadows dance~ 1
~Dark and white~ 0
~A poem sent home~ 1
~Insanity~ 2
~My number 2 Pencil~ 1
~Ghost~ 1
~The fountain of youth~ 0
~When souls mate~ 1
~Blood shot eyes~ 2
~TheAngel and Demon~ 1
~The spark that fires my heart~ 1
~Verse~ 1
~as I walk down the road!~ 1
~Soul drifting~ 1
~From the heart~ 0
~In the blink of a eye~ 0
~Summers last dance~ 0
~My Warrior Angel~ 1
~The waters comming in~ 1
~Staining you~ 1
~Forfeit of the dream~ 1
~Trippin throught the sands of time~ 1
~Shades Of Blue~ 1
~I feel you from a far~ 0
~Bloodfest~ 1
~The emotion of love~ 1
~bleeding through the cracks~ 2
~The Petals of time~ 1
~hopeful thoughts~ 1
~Faith~ 1
~broken~ 1
~Comtempt~ 1
~jaded thoughts~ 3
thought 1
~Staining you~ 1
~What If~ 2
RE: POB Bleed for a Cause Volume 2 ~~bleeding bloody drops~ 1
~Your Blood flows through me~ 6
~I still think of you~ 4
~Tattoo~ 6
~The Tattoo never dries~ 9
RE: POB Bleed for a Cause Volume 2 ~slither~by inkmaster 5
~Thick is the night~ 4
~LOST~ 2
~Shedding skin~ 3
~Golden Rings ~ 14
~leather and lace~ 5
~By the campfire light~ 4
~more than life gives back~ 6
~Lost in the darkness~ 1
~on the slab~ 4
~broken~ 5
~Checkmate~ 2
~Love knows no fear !~ 4
~Tao of thought~ 4
~Tails from the heart ~ 5
~Until the darkness pulls~ 4
~Tattooing your hide~ 4
~First light~ 1
~hand and hand~ 2
~demons of the shadows~ 5
~hope~ 1
~To my Love~ 1
~thoughts~ 2
~The needles sight~ 5
~Waiting for our time~ 7
~Loves symphony~ 7
~Words made just for two~ 8
~I am your clown~ 3
~From a far~ 3
~The Rite Words~ 1
~To see again~ 0
~roses~ 3
~Burnt memories~ 2
~The scars within~ 6
~Picking up the pieces~ 2
~Nameless~ 5
~Simple thought~ 4
~The loneliness of existence~ 3
~I still fight~ 1
~My chard soul~ 5
For~ Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause ~Blood drops~ 4
~Deep within the sands~ 5
~Withdrawn and lifeless~ 5
~A shot in the dark~ 1
~Walk away~ 2
~Dead mans trance~ 6
~winter leaves again~ 1
~Soulless journey~ 3
~Homeless in homelands~For Poets of Blood! 5
~Forfeit of the dream~ 3
~Bleeding out for the cause~ 2
~MoJo Bag~ 3
~Black Widow~ 3
~Scare tissue~ 4
~Despair~ 6
~The sea of life~ 3
~The other within~ 2
~The reflection still reflects~ 5
~Knighted friend~ 7
~Deadly Force~ 7
~Winters last breath~ 2
~The passing of time~ 4
~Pandora’s box~ 5
~Lost tides of my days~ 6
~Regret~ 4
~Love makes her play~ 3
~Dream catcher~ 5
~Black Satin~ 3
~The confession~ 5
~The prince and the pauper~ 2
~Friend or foe~ 6
~The colors of the day~ 8
~Dark in light out~ 2
~Stained scars~ 4
~One last gift~ 2
~Ships in the night~ 2
~The tides of today~ 2
~Poison~ 3
~Calling out the dead~ 3
~Broken thoughts~ 2
~Iron Horse~ 2
~Remembering yesterdays~ 3
~The mystery of being a poet~ 1
~Unstoppable anger~ 1
~The song of night~ 1
~The clutch of crows~ 2
~Life is what you make it~ 4
, suffocating, memoirs of the day~
~The shadows inside~ 1
~Ode to Edger Allan Poe~ 4
~Fallen through the grains of time~ 6
~To Live again~ 5
~Should I look for you~ 2
~Days~ 2
Déjà vu 3
~Day jaw voodoo~ 1
~Six feet down looking up~ 1
~My sea~ 2
~Waltz up Hells hill.~ 5
~Unhallmark moment 2~ 2
~Machicolated words of verse~ 1
~Trapped in lost time~ 1
~For the knights asleep above~ 3
~Twilight Moments~ 1
~Rewind your dream~ 2
~Caught in a diffuse tomb ~ 1
~Lost in a untamed play~ 3
~Desperation rides~ 1
~Midnight lost unheard~ 1
~I swear~ 1
~Pitch-black pools of the past~ 2
~Pounding at the keys~ 2
~Suicidal moments for two~ 2
~Questions with out a mark~ 1
~I crawl before I fall~ 2
~The thickness of the night~ 4
~Yesterdays feed~ 3
~Soul sacrifice~ 1
~Death on the inside~ 2
~Ripping words~ 3
~Straw to salutation~ 2
~The burning fires~ 3
~Darkness of night.~ 2
~Evils dance~ 2
~Verve s symphony~ 1
~Everyone need to roll~ 1
~Getting back what is mine~ 2
~Darkness posse the dammed~ 1
~Cast on the alters flames~ 3
~When love slips in~ 1
Love 2
~Caught in the middle!~ 0
~The sadest of sad~ 5
~Unfading the mirror~ 5
~Personal Muse~ 4
..When Love shows its face.. 3
~Whispers of my soul~ 2
~From my quill~ 3
~Lust in Time~ 3
~Destines burned in faith~ 6
~Evil Rises~ 6
~Winter Embrace~ 1
~The Un hallmark moment~ 3
~Path~ 2
~ Between the lines~ 0
~Our Time~ 2
~the Storm Within~ 0
~questions in time~ 0
~The walk of life~ 3
~Slave to the needle~ 2
~Wings of Love~ 2
~Intertwined souls~ 1
~More than you know~ 1
~Crystal Clear~ 3
~Found again~ 1
~Peeled away layers~ 0
A mused 0
Locked and loaded... 2
What makes a Man?? 2
Winters Breath... 5
Shadows in the wind.. 1
~Lost in Winter~ 1
~The Devil and Angel~ 2
~ Friend~ 3
Essence of you... 2
Lost in the light.... 1
Merry Christmas Dad.. 2
In Me 2
Lost in yesterdays fires 1
Zombie 1
Forever lost in you... 1
Lost in Solitude 1
The words U speak!! 5
Dragon dew 1
Open eyes.... 5
Stains on my soul.. 2
Think of you 2
lost 0
1000 WAYS 2
Love wins..... 4
2012 1
ink 1
Shadows Dance 1
pushing ink 2
For a friend.... 3
My good twin... 1
Wishing Well 3
break me down 2
Dark thoughts carverd in time 3
Shedding youth 1
Soulless expressions 2
Goodbye 4
Blood shot eyes 2
rhyme 0
UnLoved 3
Home 0
Dance of the dead 4
A true friend.. 2
dark thoughts 3
Illusion of life 0
bending the pen 0
fozen thoughts 1
Drifting 3
Secret garden 3
last flight 2
Soulless 1
Box 1
The forever fight.. 4
Welcome to Hell (to jadedjezzabel
) Poetry Forums
Fallen 1
Lake view....... 1
Hero 0
Fuck M Jackson 4
A simple Poem 0
The Ride 0
poem 0
Forever 1
dream 4
On the road.. 0
personal prison 3
UPA open site invitation 4
Halloween 1
long day 1
Lifes Ride 2
dead souls 3
Thoughts 1
The Flame 6
Heavens gates 2
A thief in the night 6
To put a mark upon your skin 6
Dancing in the moonlight.... 1
RIP for Steveie..... 4
my evil side 4
The City 1
midnight 2
Winter again........
the way it is 3
From within.......
somewhere 6