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Walk with Me

I'll never forget how you made me feel
That love was real
I want everyone to know how I felt when you made my heart melt
I knelt on my knees and thanked the LORD
For a love like yours
I just thought a love like ours would last
Now I have to put you in the past
Even though I think about you in the present
I never forget your essence
You'll be my soul mate forever
You were always so clever
I know that death is inevitable
Walk with me I want to tell you a story
Of a life that I lived once
It was too good to be true
I didn't even get to enjoy the glory
I remember the time I lost it all
I didn't want to let it go
Good things only last for a moment
All you can do is treasure and hold it
In your heart mind and spirit
Somebody had to kill it!!!!!!
Watch out for envious people
They're quick to take it cause they can't make it
They'll plot to kill or plan to steal from you
Not knowing your on a short road to hell
God doesn't like you trying to go and kill people yourself
They keep drinking the devil's drink
So they're going to mingle with devilish creeps
They have no light in there spirit
The devil try's to eclipse the LORD with all the sinning'
It's in your power to say:
"Devil Leave me alone!!!"
"I want to go back home to my father"
"He'll never send me to slaughter
The devil's just after your soul
He'll never consul
He wants to break the mold made in the image of the LORD
Just call on JESUS He'll come to your rescue
Believe me, it's true
There's nothing he can't do
He'll make you new
Angie came to spit game
To all the males and the dames
I use to be out for fame
Now I just want to speak in JESUS name
I think we should all be on the same page
Are you going with the lord?
Or are you going the opposite way?
That's the question I ask you today
Repent for your sins or your gonna go to a very dark place
Where you'll never see GOD's grace
and everyone's got evil written all over there face
You'll disappear without a trace
You won't catch anyone smiling
Cause it's not a happy place
Once your there there's no turning back
So think about the decision you make
It determines your fate
Don't wait
Think straight
Take action, it' time to recuperate
The LORD's known for healing and dealing with this life full of strife
Don't think twice
Wake up this is life
Or you'll be swimming in a lake of lava
Wishing you had a fatha'
The devil will be winning as long as you are sinning
Listen to my story
And Give GOD all the Glory
Enough is enough
People are stuck on all this worldly stuff
Don't take what I say as a bluff
It's time to emancipate
Put GOD first and things will turn out great
Overwhelmed with pain
I feel like I'm going insane
But hey I can't complain
I cried a cup full of tears
Take a drink and you'll feel the pain
It's unbelievable this Love I feel
I miss your soft lips I loved to kiss
I muss the way you would caress my face
But I know now, your in GOD's grace
You took your love away
You can never be replaced
So rest in Peace
Because now your in a better place
Where everything is Golden, shinny and new
Who would of knew
They say there's a heaven
Well it's true
Let's stop being a bunch of fools
Always breaking all the rules
These are the things I say to you
Please listen to my story
Or do whatever you want to do
These are all things I've been through


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thanks for your uplifitng and praiseworthy comments on my work and also, the work that is here on your page. I hope all is well with you and thanks for sharing



Blessing to u as well. You are a great poet.

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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