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  • Location: Nashua, NH
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i am real as it is
i love poetry it lets me express myself and nobody can stop my expressing they can only opinionate thats it and as you can tell im very sintimental now that could be a good way and that can also be a bad way but i know how to stand tall through it all and not fall thats the best part im here so u can tell me what you think its ok if u dont like my poetry but really poetry is expression and emotion and life thats the way i see it and more if your real get at me im out -peace-



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Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

jaggededge’s Poems (44)

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Title Comments
Blindly Fooled 0
I will let you go 1
heartless 2
the meaning of us 1
giving up 0
smile 1
given up part 2 0
the art of this urge 0
the end will be 1
let go 2
dark world 2
the first one 2
losing you 0
through my eyes 0
the bipolar stage that i only share with u 0
confusion 2
heartache when i love you 0
lustfull seduction 1
thoughtless 0
broken lonelyness 1
this kind of sickness 1
slice these veighns to pour ur blood out 2
prisoner 1
life 0
i'm sorry 2
i know 1
daddy 0
the unsaid 0
passionate destruction 1
butterfly 0
all these lies... 1
still standing through your love 1
is it fate 2
one night stand i wish was so much more 1
god? 3
these emotions 1
your illnesses 1
the first 6 months of love 0
looking through the window -2
daddy 2
sometimes i cry 0
waiting for his love 0