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Never sure what's TMI in these things, well anyway, I've been writing since I was about ten but never did anything with any of my work. Then I lost a lot of it and didn't put pen to paper until I went into the service, Army, then started messing around with book ideas, and a lot of them turned into poems. Then college and a messy marriage that ended, but not soon enough. Now I'm just trying to find my center and have re-discovered my passion for writing and actually sharing my work; so enjoy.


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Ha ha You can't write stuff like this and not have a blog. Gimme a link, please : D

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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Title Comments
I Have No Cheese: An Ode to the Lactose Intolerance. 0
I will Not be Defeated 0
Death, Repression and the Pursuit of Misery 0
First Light 0
The Pity of The Meek 0
Depression 0
WHY! 0
Who's Running the Human Race 2
Live the Illusion 0
Invisible Children 0
My Muse is Pissing me Off 2
Not a Day Goes By 1
Bitter Pill 3
Self explanitory 1
Killer Robots and Romance 1
Fear 1
How Much I Need You 1
Without You 0
Purified 0
When We Were Children 1
They Fell (September 11th) 0
Release 1
Like the Dying of Stars 2
After you are Gone 2
Drift Wood 1
Your Choice 2
Swimming Lessons 2
Promise 2