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I'm an actress and a writer trying to make it through my first year of college. I read in much of my spare time, act in school plays, and participate in most of the arts programs at my school. This is not me but just parts like a car. Apart I am worth very little but together I can take you anywhere. I love my family, cherish my friends and hope for a bright future. I like feedback so please indulge me with your critisism. My email address is feel free to message me there as well. "Happiness is food of love, the water of life and the riches of true kings" - Patterson


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Your picture is beautiful...

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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Title Comments
Playground 0
Uninspired 1
Hell 2
Leaving 0
They Say 1
Good To Know 2
Just Stare 4
Happiness 1
I Came Home 1
About You 2
My Mistake 3
The Car 1
I Am Okay 1
I'm Still In Love With [The Idea Of] You 2
Let's Never Forget 2
If you only knew how much you helped 3
My Heart Still Belongs To You 5
Things I'd Never Tell You Matter the Most 1
Sisters 1
Jenny I Want You To Know 2
FailureTale 1
Freezer Burn 1
What is That? 1
Did We Just... 2
Don't Remind Me 2
I Saw You Today 3
Prendre le Vie 2