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  • Location: Lakeland, FL
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I have a need for expression through words. I have a fascination with mankind. Your comments have been greatly appreciated. :)

I just recently added a slew of tormented manuscripts. i found out that this site sensors words that I wanted to use in a title. how sad.


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Mel, The line in disarticulated= IS So Tough Be Proud Of It, :) i live in this land that doesn't exist you wouldn't know because you have been denied entrance

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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Title Comments
I must be concieted... 4
Masochistic 2
Facilitator 2
metaphors, and pain 3
I wouldn't do that if I were you... 1
The imp who resembles the angry monkey 1
incoherant and in your face 1
oi, mon amour
I burn for you 1
In Ruins 3
In my world, I am Queen. 1
Alienate the Source of Misanthropic Thought 2
Distainable Distractions 2
Death Metal Gods 0
My Dillusions of Grandure 2
My Ornate Ingrate 1
I've Got This Under Control 1
An Ode To the Pepsi Guy 5
My Existance 0
The Poison Runs Deep 2
My Anhedonic one... 2