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  • Location: Venice, CA
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I'm a very down to earth poet & my writing style is unique,
I speak from my heart n weave words through stories & poems I write I'm a newbie to this site & just starting to make friends so pls free free to read & comment on my writes. I accept critiques & what others have to say, as we are all poets here wanting to be heard. "pls be helpful is all I ask"


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Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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Title Comments
Thanksgiving is a day 1
I know this phenom 3
Poetry isn't 0
Untitled 1
I know this kindred soul 1
O Dr. Oz 1
Bullies are bullies 0
To the few & many 1
If I were judge 0
My happy pill 0
All one truly has is 0
Who are we? 1
The invitation 1
Words are 0
Some people 0
God is a homeless man 1
It's our time 1
Let your love flow 0
Interwoven we are 0
God let there be 0
Faith is something.... 0
Damn you! 0
Love isn't 2
If I could 2
To do nothing 0
Three simple words 1
A friend is someone 1
Heaven is... 2