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writer's block no more! I'm back!

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Hi, I'm Nikki and i have been writing ever since i was a child. I wrote my first book when i was 16 but i couldn't publish it til i was 18 because I wasn't old enough to sign a legal contract. My book has been published for 2 years now and some change now.
Writing is a passion of mine. i love being able to zone out and create new characters and scenery. Writing is my safe haven to escape from the real world even if it is for a minute or an hour. I love going into detail when i write. I like the reader to envision themselves there. if they can then I've done my job as a writer.


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Your picture is very much impressive



I know i cant stop admiring... hmmm... hmm.. the writing;)

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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