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I come to you with poetry of all kinds of genres from my influences. First discovered myself back in middle school revealing a talent hidden deep within that i awakened from writing essays, exerpts & short stories but began writing poetry from reading & practicing by my lonesome. Im now 22 & working on my first poetry book but will be leaving & hoping to recieve strong love & poetry from deep within my soul.. I hope you enjoy!


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Nice to meet you too!

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Heyyyyyyy :))))) thanks for all the comments (hugs)

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Thank you for the friend add

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

poeticmike’s Poems (29)

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Title Comments
As I Was Comforted (Rondeau) 1
State Of Limbo 0
Crocodilian Analysis (Tongue Twister) 0
Replenished Soul (Monotetra) 2
Mango-Glazed Chicken 1
Canadian Geese (Cinquain) 1
Veiled Travelers (Palindrome) 1
Perpendicular Life (Shape) 0
Tardy For Class (Monorhyme) 2
Tranquility 1
Jovial Thoughts...Ge
nial Mind
Divine Being 1
Ravishing Gallantry 1
Face Down In A Weary Ocean... 1
To The Love Of My Life 1
A Queenless King 0
Love's Plea... 2
House Bulit With Bewildered Bricks 3
Erraticated Mind 0
Yall Dont Know Me 2
Idle Soul 1
Chronicles Of A Hoe 5
Erotic Obsessions 5
My Deepest Fear 5
Portrait Of A Guiding Star 2
Dark Trails 0
Rose Grown From Concrete 3
Still I Rise... 2
Personified Love 2