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i am 19 i live in a small city in texas im very layed bak like to party and have fun i dnt like ppl who are mood killers u knw the ones who kill the mood.......i'm looking for someone who actully wants to care who wants to make a change in there life who is not afraid of wat ppl think and who actully knows what love is i'm bi so this means girls to....:) And to get some feed back on my poems.


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^;..;^ I love vampires, too:)







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I've never done anything to you. You have set a trap for me by coming onto my page and accusing me of being a "pig". You have no right to say that since you don't know me. You are trying to draw me into another battle, which is exactly how the other examples of my "rudeness" have been manufactured. If you were not willing to be fair by seeing the rudeness and malicious intent of your "friends", then don't pick fights with me, because I'm not going to bite. You asked me a question; I answered it truthfuly and honestly; if you persist in lwisting what I do and say, and putting your own spin on it, then I will ignore you. If you are here for poetry, I can help. If you're here because you are a bigot and have a dislike for me, even though I have never done anything to you, then you are not smart enough to write even a shopping list, let alone good poetry. It should be about the poetry, not about your little group of misfits, perverts and bigots. If you're going to be a useful idiot and are willing to be manipulated by psychos like dahlusion and jezzabel, than I will not bother with you. If you want, I will help you; regardless of your personal feelings or loyalties. The choice is yours. Just don't trouble me with any more stupid, unfounded accusations. You're too young for this. Make up your own mind, and gather your own facts-don't be content to be someone else's puppet.



You are now focusing on a teen-age girl with your accusations and trade-mark name calling. When will your pathetic aggression stop? At which point will you wake-up and smell the foul gas coming out of your mouth, the same gas that as cleared OP of so many brilliant poets. And stop begging for friends, it makes you appear more desperate than you already are. This OP member has no obligation to answer your paranoia-driven questions. Poptart, do let this WEB Troll get under your skin. This is what he has been doing for the past two years, going from one OP member to the next with his disturbing personality in an attempt to break-up friendships and to break people down. And to "Feldmarschal": You already have "taken a bite" by leaving this self-disgracing comment. Don't trouble this peaceful member with any more of your anxiety just because she sees you as you are.



I hadn't seen this guy before today, he sounds like an ass from Hell.



For someone who has been breaking down people for the past two years, I'd heard nothing of his "maliciousness" until the past month or two where your comments have been as rude as anything that could come out of his mouth. Dah, your arrogance has irked me since the beginning but it wasn't anything to bother with. But now, you're being rude. I heard NOTHING of him, but your words have been splattered across this site to where my heart hurts to log in. I don't care what he's done, there's a point where you need to drop it. You said you were leaving. Frankly, live up to it. Leave if this nastiness is all you are able to produce. You alone have ruined my peace here. Every retaliation you post is another break in the foundation. Our walls are crumbling and you don't care.

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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not a poem just a speech i had to write 3
good-byes are harder than ellos 3
From Friends To Lovers 2
For My Bestest Friend 2
We're Not In Love 2
i walked in at a very good time 8
help 4
five things to do with the guy u love 3
love is stronger than death 4