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Hey anyone out there it's Tempy missed you all I was blocked from the site for like 2-3 years

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Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

pura’s Poems (54)

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Title Comments
tie your shoe lace 0
the animal inside you is wild 0
The Wall 0
Pressure breakdown 1
Lo and behold Dying Stars 1
Knotted bot heart 0
Tall Dark and Handsome 2
Short 1
Profile the stalker 1
Oh my gosh! 0
New note 0
Confusion is my muse 0
swim 0
Overdrive 0
Electrically charged Instrument 0
courage to stand the pouring rain 1
No one knows 1
Fractal collider 0
Ejected safety gifts 0
Vacancy 0
cold shoulder palm off 0
A hollow log 1
Oh well no where is real 0
What is one to do 0
No don't Bloom 0
stabbered back 0
A flower that won't bloom 1
Was it ever worth it 0
vocal 0
I can look beyond flaws Can you? 1
Stranger Nowadays 1
PAST Grief 0
Lock that door behind you 2
I refuse 2
Only the lonely 0
Emotional Rear View Error! 1
Leaf 0
All to appreciate 2
The Evidence that Proves Truth 0
Who Knows 2
A Memory and a Body 1
Code Red - Distinguishab
le fallacy
Deeper Still 1
Sink Or Spin 0
Reality and the Facade 0
Chained to natures heart blocker 0
what does it all mean! 0
Filter 0
Dreamer oh Daydreamer 0
does not fit into their world view 0
B sides 1
If I Had A Voice 2
Whatever it takes to never make that mistake, Again. 2