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Poetry has always been a catalyst in my life, drawing on all of my life's experiences, be they good or bad. I began writing at the age of 16 and most of those were just fleeting thoughts that ran across the gulf of my mind without any real prose or meaning. As i grew older and learned more about life's ups and downs, my works began to take on different connotations, even to the point of coming from a far removed point of view. Relationships, family, and just life's general monotony of day to day self-examination gave me the foundations of what came from my befuddled mind. Some poems were easily jotted down, while others took many hours of contemplation to get them the way I really felt comfortable with. Being an artist, musician, and a poet, I take inspiration from lots of varied sources. Now at age 40, and being a father, time is not as easily accrued as it was in youth, but I still try to keep my chops up as well as possible.


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I just wanted to say Thank-you for your comment in a lot of ways i write to set myself free... but when someone understands and enjoys my liberation i know that this art isn't in vain... Thank-you for being my poetic friend:)



you are most welcome :)

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I know that time is difficult to claim for writing these days...but your fans are waiting...;)

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hey there just checking up to see what your working on...Take care!

WordSlinger profile comment


Im reading, your added to my E-Book shelf, lol, Love it Bro, Keep the Smile, Word



i appreciate all your comments, i am glad i am worthy of such praise. thanks a lot.



Ok tis the season to be DARK, Im here to give you a SPARK!!!!!!!

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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