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  • Age: 87
  • Location: Ayr, scotland
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: United Kingdom
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I am a retired Operating Engineer in the heavy Const. trade. I have worked about 38 years as a mechanic, a welder and operator of heavy construction equipement, love the out doors and nature and have a natural talent to illustrate by drawing pictures. I am on my second marriage, the first lasting 51 years. I am happily married to a very special love of my life. I appreciate talents in drawing, painting and crafts in metal and wood. I like to make up poetry and send to my friends about funny happenings between us. I have a keen sense of humor and appreciate others as well.I just forgot to grow old and am still a kid at heart.


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SATCH, believe it or not, I had a friend by that very name here in Nebraska, USA. I like the way you think ,via your comments to the poems you have read. We think alike. Mandi



Hi Mandi, First thanks for you flattering comments that I feel unworthy since I have always had to hard labor for anything in life I've recieved, but this is too much fun to be rewarding but will accept your flattery anyway, ha. I gave myself the 'satch' name after the Bigfoot, allusive unknown hairy giant seldom seen in desolate wildernesses or woods. I do have large feet nut mouth is even larger-no comments' wink I am often asked about the name and why? I am origionally from Kans. city Ks area before moving to Scotland where I am inspired' Blessings to you and your talents as well, -les

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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Title Comments
The Treehouse 3
Nightmares 1
Promises [ones you can believe] 1
Scratch my Itch 0
The blind Date 5
Awesome' 1
The Lake Walk 2
Loves Choice 3
The Coal Steam Locomotive 1
Mans' Metamorphosis 5
Story'oems 0
Nakedness 2
"Ragged Knees" 5
A Sad Reality 5
Harken 0
Our World Today 2
Miracles 7
"Lonely" 3
Flo 4
"Hey there" 6
"My Poem" 4