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  • Age: 58
  • Location: Tracy, CA
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: United States
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i am living my life with no regrets


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I hope you had a wonderful and safe Thanksgivings and you are doing well!! Would like to just ‎take the time out to say…. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones in case I do not get the ‎chance to later. Hoping for you Much love, peace and Happiness within the years to come!!‎

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

setter’s Poems (84)

Title Comments
Title Comments
The Aspects of My Life 0
Forever 0
Lets talk about us 2
A Childs Wish (rev.) 1
Stars 3
All the love I have for you 4
How Do You 2
Blinded By The Life 0
I Didn’t Believe 0
The Cool Wind On Your Face 0
Anyway 1
Another Day 0
All the coming days 0
Why is it 1
I don’t know 1
Silence and Sorrow 1
Had It All 1
Love Will Come in Time 1
To 1
Why 1
That Special Part of Me 2
To Be The One 1
You Are The Light 0
With Your Heart 0
When Will 0
What I’ve been dreaming of 3
This Thing Called Love 0
Will I Hear 2
That’s the moment that I knew 0
Lets Give Love A Try 0
Love to Give 1
All For One 0
I Love You 0
I’ve Come Undone 0
Then 2
Your Not Alone 0
Destiny, The Day I Met You 2
A Pale Shade of Green 3
A Place 1
In the Middle of Nowhere 0
Good love Behind 0
A Touch 1
A silent goodbye 1
All My Dreams 0
You Mean Everything 2
In Search of Me 1
The words that form goodbye 1
Tranquil Eyes of Green 1
Sin and Tragedy 0
Begin To Understand 1
A Friendship Like Yours 1
Thinking Of You 0
The Little Guy With Wings 0
The Same Way Too 2
Do You Feel 2
Better Off In The End 0
A Journey of Love 0
In Your Eyes 0
I Must Leave Behind 2
To Know 3
The Day I Met You 2
Every Time I See You Smile 3
Deep Inside My Heart 2
Love in Time 1
Amnesia 1
Illusion of Love 2
A Wall Around My Heart 5
The Special Times You Shared 2
The love I need 1
Reasons For Loving You 3
The Light 0
The night 3
This Could Be the End 0
Thoughts Of You 1
Love On Fire 3
Living Only In Our Dreams 2
Just You and I 2
Dream of A Girl 0
Can I Be Your Wings 2
I Don’t Feel 2
A Soft Sweet Kiss 1
A Love So Real 1
A Cold December 3
Hearts Like Yours and Mine 3