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"The writer’s mind, can surpass even the most intellectual minds." –Adam M. Snow

Adam M. Snow is a popular internet poet/writer, philosopher and photographer known by many. Snow was born May 30th of 1988 in Phoenix, Arizona. He currently lives in El Mirage, a small rural town in the western Arizona. Adam is Shakespeare’s tenth generation descendant on his mother’s sister’s side. When he was born, he was lacked of oxygen and almost died. At age 5, Adam was soon diagnosed with ADHD with speech impediment; he was always in and out of hospitals because of it. Later on in life, Adam found that he was in fact misdiagnosed. He was not ADHD like he was raised to believe, he was in fact diagnosed with Asperger, a type of autism. Snow started writing poetry in 2003 though he originally started writing short stories. It was through his cousin that had inspired him to write poetry in the first place. Adam writes metaphorical style poetry and has experimented often with different styles of poetry; such as free verse, ode and lyrics. He was always alone throughout high school as he was a victim of bullying; he kept his distance from everyone, he remained by himself. He then graduated high school in 2006 from Tolleson Union High School; he suffered many years of unemployment after that. On the 9th of December in 2009, he lost his father to lung cancer; some of his poems he wrote, he wrote for him. Snow is a Pentecostal Christian yet some of his poetry can be dark, but with a biblical meaning throughout it; like the poem 'Hanging from a Blood Soaked Tree' for example. Over the years, Adam has had so many people tell him that he should stop writing, that he’s not good. That never stopped him; he still writes poetry to this very day and he continues to inspire people through his works.


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Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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Title Comments
She became My Gallows 1
Welcome to My House, My Mind 2
For Whom the Hour Tolls 1
Trapped within the Minds of Poe 2
I have seen Maelstroms Eternal 2
I see a Flower 1
The Great Trial 1
Requiem 1
Beneath Still Waters 3
The Puzzle Box 2
Who am I 2
No Rest for the Weary 1
Auspicious of Nights 1
Crimson Flame 2
Ode to a Cross 2
Inferno 1
Forsaken Me 1
Broken Lullaby 1
Lady in White 1
Born of Serenity 0
Beyond Wonderland 0
Swimming in Time 1
What an Age 0
Hangman's Gallows 0
Undying Tomorrow 1
Affliction Woe 0
Remembrance of a Child 2
Ode to a Twilight Sky 2
Sinisterness 1
Pictures 0
Woe is Me 3