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I’m a native Texan. I’ve spent my 30-year career working as a teacher, counselor, fund-raiser, grant-writer and administrator in nonprofit human services working with children, youth, seniors, people with disabilities and homeless persons. I served as a member of the Texas DOT Public Transportation Advisory Committee and have been an advocate for improved public transit for seniors, people with disabilities and low-income families in rural and small town Texas for the past 5 years. I’m a conservative politically. Ronald Reagan was my favorite president. I play folk guitar, long-necked banjo and harmonica. I’m a Seventh day Adventist Christian. I’m on two nonprofit boards, was vice-president of the Tyler Homeless Coalition and worked as a volunteer web-raiser for East Texas Virtual Village. I’m a published writer, poet and author of “Going for the Green: An Insider's Guide to Making Money With Charity Golf”. I’m married (33 years and counting) to Sheila Keen, a tall pretty Louisiana girl and together we had 3 children and three grandchildren. We lost our son, Micah last year. We look forward to seeing him again when Jesus returns.


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My deepest sympathy on the lose of your son Micah! The lose of a child as you know can be the most heartfelt pain ones experiences in lifetime. A few of my friends lost children it was heart breaking; I use to attend 'Compassion Friends' support group meetings with them to help them cope. I lost my brother a few years back and I attended the sibs group. They are helpful and it's a great organization but nothing ever seems to temper the pain and lose. God Bless You Dear One. You have an interesting profile, many accomplishments of good service. Peace Be With You.

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and it is also a description and what i think of myself.

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for utter beauty, im saying that even though thats what he wants he cant have it. that she is his every thought..that the love is equal but still unable to have

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Your poems have good stories and great imagery. Well written rhythmic art. Thanks for sharing.

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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Title Comments
Nobody At All 0
Dialects 0
An Old Knife 0
Across the Void, Fingertips Afire 0
Snizzle 0
The Letters of the Law 0
Fresh Powder 2
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Roadside Stand 0
The Chosen Road 1
Direction 2
Daisy in Distress 0
The Wallapaloozas 0
Old Friends 1
The Bus Toll 2
Reaching 6
Free Enterprise 3
Whirling 3
Gonna’ Walk by The River 3
Daisy's Brown Eyes Shining 2
Christmas Psalm 5
Limerick Cycle 0
Press Conference 2
Oak Trees on Fourth Street 0
Neighbors 2
Time to Fill the Feeder 3
Hoping 3
Night Music 5
Sheila, laughing-eyed 2
I'm Chasing Dreams 2
Flower Man II 1
Christmas Bells 2
where i am now 5
The Fields of Hay 2
I Sat Down in This Damnable Chair 1
The Flower Man 1
For Tim 2
Blessed 2