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hey im ashley, and ive disappointed EVERYONE in my life. so now im left alone bc of the stupid deciosions i decided to take, and i'm left the regret and pain of the mistakes. and well lets just say im a disgrace to everyone i meet and befreind. and i dont give A FUCK about life no more, so if your gonna try to preach to me just dont try and just fuck off and everyone lives a happy fucken after


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honesty34 profile comment


You write alot of good poems and I'm not goin to preach to you but if you ever need to talk im here..



thank you, i really appreciate you being there to tlak to

AshRenee profile comment


Just got to say that I'm a major Twilight fan as well... :)



lol, yeah most pple today are

Pypersong profile comment


Hmmm....It seems that Twilight simply attracts passionate people such as yourself, your words reflect this...and age is unimportant in this respect. A bright future. Does the sun rise in the middle of YOUR night? A kindred soul, Pypersong

TheAngelOfDeath profile comment


Hello eveyone this is the fist time i have EVER changed my Bio. And this is why i lost someone very dear to me and i have a poem dedicated to her memory called (Daze of War) it is one of my NewEST ones.. If you Only read one poem on my profile Please read and rate that one... I would love for it to have a trophy by it to help me remember she was the best thing i ever had in my life.... Thnx for your support Live Hard and Rock Harder Grim

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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Title Comments
Star Performer 1
Guilt 1
Lights Flicker 2
Broken Drug 4
Lifeless 0
Dissapear 2
Almost Full 0
Stars 2
lifes Journey.. 0
Journey 0
battle 0
Faded Dream 1
mask 2
f*ck fairytales 3
i want 1
innocent 0
wasted hope 2
taylor's death 0
i wish 0
mirror 0
Cried 0
rememeber 0
her death 0
somebody help me 1
life 1
left behind 0
sad 2
cigarrete 1
staying part2 1
running part1 1