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  • Age: 44
  • Location: Tulsa, OK
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: US
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Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

wolfwaker32’s Poems (62)

Title Comments
Title Comments
Teardrops On the Sand 0
Bottom of the Ocean Shore 0
Unspoken Teardrop 0
Inside the Memories 0
The Whirlpool Of Life 0
Faithful Climb 0
Carry Me Through 1
Teardrops On The Way 0
The Memories We Share 2
A Voice That Cries Out Into The Wilderness 2
More Then I Loved You 1
Love May Find Me 2
In Time 0
Your The Only One Who Stands By My Side 0
Why Say It's Better This Way? 0
Unexpected Storms 1
Four Last Tear Drops 0
Speak To My Love 0
I Needed You 0
Many Things Change To Soon 0
It Doesn't Matter To You 0
Lost In Time 0
With All My Love 0
Not Moments Giving Free 0
When I'm Next To You 0
So Much Love 0
Without A Doubt 0
On My Mind 1
First Taste Of True Love 1
I Never Knew 2
Not Spoken Of 3
Unconditional Love 3
Passion To Love 3
We May Never See Another Sun Rise 2
Another Sun Set (Without You) 0
Jesus Chose Me 1
Dreamin' For Her Love 1
She's So Beautiful To Me 1
Rescued Me -13
Where Were You 2
A Thought On My Mind 0
Six Silent Tears 0
Kept Deep Inside 0
Nothing Else Matters 0
Your Stepping Stone 1
Dark Glooming Night -3
Where Would I Be 0
Times I Sat and Wondered 1
Had Days Been Brighter~ 1
The Last Tear Drops 1
Time May Come and Kiss a Evergreen Tree 1
As Long As I live 2
When Tears Roll Down Our Face 1
Lost In Thughts And Time 1
Endless Dreams 1
Once Upon A Time 1
A Mother's Love 7
She Lays Next To Me 4
How Long Will I Cry 2
I'll Always Love Thee 1
Kiss Your Angel Lips 0
The Love Of My Life 5