Poetic Imortality


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    Poetic Imortality

    This is my dream-
    sail away from me;
    as a child leaves the haven
    of its mother's arms.
    Built of time
    and bourne of age-
    I will not  forget.
    The first steps of mine
    that led to here-
    a creational fortitude
    to fuel imagination.
    The words flowed
    from within-
    a musical welling
    of emphoric proportions.
    A mortal's chance
    to create a poem
    that steps beyond the whim-
    that for a moment
    within this time,
    their words grant them

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    stellar commented on Poetic Imortality


    Oh...thought provoking indeed...you captured the poet's unnamed and unworried thought about poetic immortality with grace...^_^ v

    torimode commented on Poetic Imortality


    Very thought provoking. Excellent choice of words. You're good at poetry!

    BooTz commented on Poetic Imortality


    this is a very beautiful write. the flow is great & u have a way w/words. very well done

    Indigogreen16 commented on Poetic Imortality


    I love this piece. You could title it The poets muse or poetic muse, lol okay i will stop there. It really captures our dedication to our art. Beautiful. Thank you. The title is already perfect, just added possibilities since they are endless....Keep up the good work!!

    bforibus commented on Poetic Imortality


    absolutely the truth. gives us passage through time to the future. great write.

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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