point blank


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    i love this woman....point blank. actually, she is the star behind most of the poems expressed here.

    point blank

                                     point blank

    she is mighty
    when she stands before i actually shudder at her beauty
    as if it were her duty
    to be this knockout
    she is tall
    she is annie
    it seems she was made for me
    and i wish you all could see her
    and i wish you all could talk to her

    i don't fall in love easily
    but this time seems to be
    from which i cannot run and hide
    for my emotions, they coincide
    with the rest of me

    she is my point blank love
    no doubts in my heart
    and i have never seen truer or bluer eyes
    she is mighty

    she is my point blank love
    and i am glad i was alive to behold her
    imagine if i had missed out on this angel

    when she leaves, she takes so much of me
    but what she leaves behind
    is a gold mine 

    and annie
    i could spend hours stroking you hair
    or staring at the stars that you put out there
    in my night sky

    i love you.


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    EyesOfRain commented on point blank


    Wonderful, point blank! I love how frank and honest you are here. Open admiration for your woman. Very refreshing. An enjoyable read.



    thank you so much, eyesO :)

    Tempestlady commented on point blank


    A very nice ode to annie and to love. You do have a knack for the love poetry thing so it seems......it makes for such a wonderful read....write on Tlady.....



    thank you so much.

    innerbeauty30 commented on point blank


    wow that was beautiful I loved it so much what wonderful expression. very talented my friend.



    oh thank you so much !

    Logik commented on point blank


    straight up dope........beautiful poetry very beautiful writing



    oh thank you so much for your time and kind words. it is most appreciated.

    LeslieMay commented on point blank


    This is beautiful. Annie is a lucky woman indeed!



    lol...i am the lucky one that i have gotten the chance to feel this kind of love. thank you so much for reading me.

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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